Tokyo to Hachijō-jima🇯🇵

Route - RJTT to RJTH
Aircraft - Airbus a321
Livery - All Nippon Airways (NH1821)
My Callsign and Virtual Airline - ANVA838 (All Nippon Virtual Airlines)
Server - Expert
Total Flight time - 1hr 3mins
Distance - about 150nm

I just did a short domestic flight from RJTT to RJTH. Hachijō-jima is a volcanic Japanese island south of Tokyo. Hope you guys like my shared SS.

🇯🇵Haneda Domestic Terminal, gate 10

Taxing to Runway ‘16R’

🛫Takeoff Runway ‘16R’

🏔Zoom in on the left to see ‘Mount Fuji’

🛬Final Runway ‘26’

🚩Touchdown at Runway ‘26’