Tokyo Haneda Begins Experimenting Beautiful New Takeoff/Landing Patterns

With the Tokyo 2020 Olympics approaching soon, a bunch of airlines have added new flights and capacity into the Tokyo Haneda Airport.

As a result, the The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism has decided to move ahead with planned low-altitude routes into and out of Haneda Airport as part of an effort to boost the number of international flights.

Before they started the new approaches, the only approaches into Haneda were from the East or over Tokyo Bay from the south.

Red represents approach/landing, blue represents takeoff.

The approach/landing and northerly takeoff offer some insane views of Tokyo:

Taking off to the north, JAL A350.

(Image by @Ken_HNDSpotter)

Aerial footage of aircraft landing:

Landing with the new approach from the cabin’s perspective:

This approach offers some great views of the Tokyo Skytree and Tokyo Tower

More information:

Honestly, these approaches are beautiful. If you’re flying into Tokyo Haneda sometime soon, make sure to go for a window on the left side and hope you get this new approach!

What are your thoughts on the new approach?


Best believe I’m about to try this!

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Can’t wait! I’m flying to Japan in the summer and I hope they implement these new procedures permanently

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From a passengers perspective this is amazing, but from the perspective of those under the new flight path that’s far from fun for sure.

Difficult to assess in my opinion. Probably moving more traffic to Narita would have been a better option.

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Ugh, I wish I could fly there in the future! I feel like Haneda is getting better day by day!

I think the communities around HND and the Japanese CAA can work a compromise.

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That’s a possibility, absolutely.

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Beautiful… give you a whole other perspective on the city…

This will definitely bring about a capacity boost to Haneda, but the approaches to Runway 16 still isn’t comparable to the majestic LDA and visual approaches to Runways 22 and 23.

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Oh man I wanna go ;( last time I went was 2016 but I don’t see myself going anytime soon rip

is this one for 2020, do you have a charts of it, if so can you send it to me

While the Narita express train is nice, nothing beats the proximity of Haneda to Ginza and Marunouchi. This is great news for frequent Tokyo business travelers. I always try to take the ORD to Haneda flight if possible so I can be in the office or at my hotel faster.

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Awesome! Looks like I’m in for a dope approach and departure this summer. Really want to try it out ASAP on IF. Tokyo metropolis oughta be a really cool view from above. Hopefully that doesn’t effect folks on the ground that much and possibly myself when I’m walking around lol (Knowing the culture, I think they will just move on from that). You just need to take a monorail to Hamamatsucho then you have access to the massive subway system so I think Narita will try to be avoided for convenience

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I’m heading to Seoul, Osaka, and a Tokyo this spring break! The only thing about it is I believe I’m flying into Narita instead. I’ll try to convince my parents

Been doing these departures from 34R for some time. The one in the image above is for the Rover 1A. For those of you who have the AIRAC files installed its:

H338 off of 34R
700’ Right turn to TORAM, PLUTO, KAIJI, SPOON and ROVER

SPOON Max FL150, ROVER minimum 12000

TA 14000’
TL FL140

The ILS approach to 16L starts 4500’ at SANDY and for 16R 3000’ or above at NATTY.

10 years operating into RJTT and NEVER landed on 16 L or R. Always 34 L or R or the LDA to 22.


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