Tokyo Bound! @ KSJC - 220400ZSEP18


Hello there!
With this event Tailwinds invites you to fly with us from San Jose also known as the Silicon Valley Airport because of its location in the Bay Area to Tokyo on the stunning 787 Dreamliner! So, Tailwinds invites you to join us on this flight!
Flight Details:
Departure Airport: KSJC
Arrival Airport: RJAA
Time: 22 of September 2018 at 0400Z (ZULU) 9pm the 21st of September (Pacific Time)
Server: Expert
Aircraft: ANA 787-10
ETA: 10-11 hours
NOTAM: Please respectful to eachother and watch out for each other and give eachother plenty of room for Taxi when on the ground. Try to maintain a 5nm-8nm distance between the aircraft in front of you!
Flight Plan:
Coming Soon! – Flight Dispatcher working on it

10: @Daniel14
12: @BigBert10
14: @esant_15

More gates will be added if needed

Interested in joining TFC? We would Love to ave you aboard! Just fill in an application and we will respond within 24 hours! Not sure? Check out our official thread for more details!


I think @BigBert10 will definitely be interested in this…


Oh yes! 2 of some of my favorite airports! My dad rode on the same route last month on a business trip! But 0400Z can’t make it 😩 I can take off the night before and pause it,but I can meet you guys at Narita!(My Callsign will be All Nippon 171)

Maybe you can take some screenshots of us landing!

If the time wasn’t 12am EDT 😭
I’d jump on the event if it was like 8-10pm EDT

Love ANA and is an event I’d love To be part of but…

時間は、遅すぎる 😭

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Can I have gate 14? Looks fun!

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Signing you up now! Sorry for a late response

This even will be held Saturday! Sign up now!

Tonight is the night! Sign up now while you can!

I would love to join, this is my favorite route ever. Can’t believe i missed signing up for this before.

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You are now signed up!

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Super pumped can’t wait.

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I will be unable to attend so sorry

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