Tokyo Approach

Is Tokyo Approach vectoring aircraft to final because it’s extremely busy? I wanted to fly a STAR oh well.

It’s very well possible, STARs are there to assist ATC in lightening the load, however they are still responsible for keeping adequate spacing between aircraft and therefore, sometimes vectors may be required.

I just finished my flight. I was taken off my STAR and given vectors. So, to answer your question, yes, some are being taken off STARs.

Yes, be aware you may be vectored away of your STAR at anytime. Later you may receive a continue as filed command.

It’s quite busy at RJTT

There’s certainly a lot of work to do I admire them for the great job they do.

Hey, I am currently at Tokyo and I was flying my STAR and all was fine. But then ATC vectors me. You will probably get a STAR then a Vector :)

I’ve been taken away from my STAR it looks like they’ll vector me for the ILS instead.

Most likely :)

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