Toilet Paper Donation from Virgin Australia

Hello, IFC!

Would anyone like some airplane toilet paper?

This is because Virgin Australia is donating toilet paper from their grounded aircraft!

Here is The article:

Following a shortage of toilet paper in Australia, after panic buying shoppers stripped the supermarket shelves, Virgin Australia has decided to donate all the loo rolls from its grounded aircraft. While this might sound a bit like an April fool’s wind-up, Virgin Australia appears to be dead serious about donating the toilet paper to charity following an acute shortage of inventory due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

On their Social media, they posted: “Virgin Australia has today flipped April Fool’s Day on its head, turning the airline’s annual prank into a Reality”

Virgin Australia has canceled all international flights

Because of the current coronavirus crisis sweeping around the world, the Australian carrier has canceled all its international flights and cut its domestic flights down to a bare minimum.

Now, in a bid to help vulnerable members of Australian society, the airline says it will “rescue” toilet paper from its 125 grounded aircraft and storage facilities.

Once the toilet rolls have been collected, they will be donated to the airline’s community partners that include the Salvation army.
The Salvation Army will help distribute the toilet paper

After learning of Virgin Australia’s initiative, spokesperson for the Salvation Army Major Bruce Hammer said:

“It’s so wonderful to see such a strong community spirit in the team at Virgin Australia. The Salvation Army will ensure any donation of toilet paper reaches the older and vulnerable people in our communities during this unprecedented time of need.”

Boeing 737-800

Virgin Australia has cut its domestic flights by 90%. Photo: Virgin Australia

For the time being, Virgin Australia is operating a limited number of domestic flights that are deemed as being essential and are planning to resume international flights starting on June 14th.

Mark Finlay, Simple Flying

What do you think of this initiative?

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I’m not falling for this one.

Now that I say that, watch it be real.


It’s true! I promise!

Posted on simple flying today!

I’d like some toilet paper as it’s the number 2 of my problems. So where do I give my credit card info?

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Just drop it right here in the comments


Yep! Or email it to me at

Definitelyrealemail@scammer.gmale .com

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And your address date of birth, and social security number so we can ensure the goods go to the right person…

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I would also like your address and when you leave the house everyday to make sure you don’t get robbed or scammed.

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You may not be able to fly on us right now or ever again, but you can use us in the bathroom!

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That phrasing though


I’m gonna get some TP for my airline stuff collection lol

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Well at least the toilet paper is good for me coz I’m feeling a little flushed

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paper rips


Damn it, it’s not disinfectant wipes.

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Put some soap on it lol

@Alex_L I can send them over to u if ur willing to pay for the shipping and handling

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Soon they will be donating their soap dispensers too lol

Can’t Costco sold out of soap and toilet paper

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Or put your card in a plastic bag and ship it to me.
I will definitely give it back.

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, I don’t get out much these days, but usually 8pm-4am I’m gone…

for anyone outside the US, or anyone in the US who has somehow never heard that, that’s the address of the White House, don’t go try to break into the White House, and obviously the hours are made up too…

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Calgary Police Service
1010 26 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2G 1R6

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