Toggle on or off large quick replies - Controller request

This is an air traffic controll menu request. This has nothing to do with the pilot ATC menu.

The large quick reply that pops up makes scrolling through the commands on a smartphone more than difficult because it cuts the already semi-small window that you could scroll in, in half. It also cuts the commands in half and blocks some of the most used and important immediate commands. i.e. Hold position.

Large quick reply button zoomed in:


Can something be added to the settings so you can toggle the large quick replies on or off. I never use it and it get’s in my way.

I could see how it would be much less annoying if use a tablet because the screen is larger, but it’s putting smartphone users at a large unfair disadvantage. It almost makes it impossible to control on a smartphone.

Even if you don’t use a smartphone, I think you can sympathize.

I think it could stay, but the scroll function needs to be there. I completely agree with your “hold position” command.

I’m asking for a setting to turn it on or off. The user would decide whether or not they want to see it.

No, I get that. I’m saying leave it as is, and then make the top part “scrollable” (if that’s even a word).

The menu is scrollable, that large box just makes it 10 times harder to scroll amoung other things that I mentioned, especially when you have monkey fingers, lag or just in general under normal circumstances.

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Ah ok, I got you. I could see that being useful. Unfortunately, I’m out of votes. :\

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Toggling feature would be a good addition to the user interface. More reliable to scroll easier and see more then to have that big chunk for one command in the way. Like Cbro, out of votes.

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i mean it is already at the top so the quick reply is kind of useless. at least i never use it. i don’t really see a point. it would be nice to remove it and put a toggle for the people that actually use it.

i wonder how many people use it? well ehh i’ll just make a poll and find out.

  • I use it always! Keep it there!
  • I don’t use it!
  • I use it sometimes! A toggle would be as sometimes i use it and sometimes i wish it wasn’t there.

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I tried using it three times and I found it disorienting. I never realized that it was already at the top, nice observation.

agree with you there for sure

I suspected it but after reviewing a video I believe that this has been changed. Thank you! 🙂