“Toggle” button for cockpit lights

Sometimes when you are flying there is a shadow in the cockpit of the plane. It would be nice to be able to turn on the lights at that moment when the cockpit controls aren’t very visible.

Have you thought about turning up your screen brightness?

Also, this is basically requesting a cockpit light… right?

If it is check this out,

If it’s not what your asking for sorry.

Cockpits in the A320 Family have light up controls in the morning, sunset, and at night.

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I think this is a duplicate as linked by @Clouds above. It would be great to have cockpit lights though, as it is usually almost impossible to see the instruments. I was also thinking cockpit lights would be helpful in my last flight.

I don’t think because he is asking for a switch option.

An auto switch would work perfectly fine. Last night while doing a flight from AMS to IST i couldnt see a thing after the sun had set. I couldnt even distinguish between what was outside and what was inside the cockpit.

That’s exactly the same as a button. Toggle, button, switch, function… whatever you want to call it.