Together As a Community @ KORD - [CLOSED]

Server: Expert

Region: Chicago, IL

Airport: KORD

Time: 1400Z

NOTAM: spawn at your assigned gate! Please respect all involved and honor any IFATC that are able to show up. As to the Zulu time it should be correct since I’ve done two other times with this Zulu time :). Also mention your aircraft so I can insert that :)

Chicago O’hare Airport Gate Assignments:
Gate B:

M4 - sk28 (United 737-800)
M5 - _Infinite.flight (_American A321)
M6 - Neal_Jha (757-200)
M7 - @ilan_Dridi (787-9)
M8 - PlanesForLife (777-200LR)
M9 - @Lin_Yifan (787-9)
M10 - @UM-OK (787-10)
M11 - @Blizzard (787-10)
M12 - @Adiguna (787-9)
M13 - TheRedeemer (777)
M15 - GolferRyan (737-900)
M16 - Jompa (777-200ER)
M17 - @Kyle.Plane (777)
M18 - @A320fan (Aircraft TBA)
M19 -
M20 - @mike_mclain (aircraft TBA)
M21 -


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That new free cam on solo mode is awesome lol.
Just put in the comments if you can attend and I’ll mark you in!

B14 Please, should we be in United Livery like the airports in real life?

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Might want to fix your IFATC typo.

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I’ll take B17 in my Boeing 787-10…

I’ll take any gate (B787-9)

Boeing 777-200LR

Gate B11

I got it thanks though

Just let me handle e gate assignments since I know where people will be :) and thanks for signing up

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I did thank you :)

I’m going to change to B11, 777-200LR

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Will do my friend

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You mean 777-200 L R

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Sorry about that I fixed it

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I’ll take B16 in a 739


If you want that nit work, I’m coming as United so you can too :) and could you name your aircraft please?

737-800 United Livery

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Any Gate 787-10

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I got you guys :)

I take gate 18 please american 787 9