"TOGA"/"CLIMB POWER" on PWR controler...

I’d like to see “TOGA”/“CLIMB POWER” etc on PWR controller in the game, and so to change power in take off and climbing more realistic (as in real aircraft)
I think that it can to add realism to game.
On take-off, in order to position the aircraft to a safe height away from terrain and obstacles (i.e. a flight path of maximum height and minimum ground distance desired), the engine thrust is set to a high ‘take-off power’ setting (although this is not necessarily full power) and the aircraft attitude is pitched up to maintain a specific speed (usually in the region of V2 + 15kts). Once the ‘safe height’ is reached the engine thrust can therefore be reduced to a more appropriate (i.e. efficient) setting and the aircraft flight path can be changed to a more appropriate (i.e. efficient) flight path.

In order to achieve that described above and also to provide minimum noise disturbance to the area surrounding the airport, regulatory procedures require aircraft to fly one of the two profiles given below during every departure. The aerodrome briefing pages will state which one of the two profiles is to be flown at each particular airport:

At 1,500ft aal reduce thrust to climb power and accelerate the aircraft towards 250 knots, retracting flaps and slats.
At 1,500ft aal reduce thrust to **_climb power_** maintaining V2 + 15kts. At 3,000ft accelerate the aircraft.

You should add a little more to your request, maybe provide some information

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