TOGA button

##TOGA Button.

What is everyone’s opinion on having a TOGA (Takeoff/Go Around) button just above the throttle?

Airliners have a button you can press in the event of a go around that applies power to the thrust. This would be great in IF! Agree?

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Disclaimer: I couldn’t find any similar topics, one about Auto/Thrust, but not TOGA.


In order to do that you would also have to calculate takeoff thrust… A lot more goes into the TO/GA than you think… :P It doesn’t just move the levers to a static N1 precentage…


And that requires implementing the FMC… and that’s complicated…


and calculation of runway length, air pressure, temperature, de-rating, flap position, wind etc etc etc… Hmm


Things in IF are simplified. It would just apply 100% throttle or something. Pretty useless in IF in my opinion.


We need this because many people do touch and goes in Live to gain xp

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You can also do touch and goes with our current power system dont you ;)


How is pushing a button different for you than sliding the trust up? I don’t get it. Are you looking to make it easier or just different? I can see people pushing the button and forgetting about it and then they go over 250 and get a violation (and complain).


A lot of people do touch and goes in real life to gain experience too. What’s the problem with that?

Maybe add that it is primarily used for go around, and sets the throttle and pitch (pitch on flight director) necessary to maintain 1000 fpm at that speed, making it easy as pilots have to retract flaps gear and turn, so it reduces workload

I think you would hope to climb a bit faster than 1000fpm in a go-around ;)


Err it isn’t, there’s a reason it’s called TO/GA (Takeoff / Go-around).

It’s primarily used on takeoff to provide a safe climb speed with the selected cost index and de-rating. :)


Yes I think this would be perfect! Simple. Just tap and TO or GA thrust is applied!

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Or you could go set N1 100% or something?

I agree, this button should be added, so I can program it in case of going around. It would have predefined settings like HDG, ALT, N1 speed, it would be really helpful, in case you have to go around in the last moment. This button would be very useful for people flying with joystick

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MaxSez: If your gonna have a TOGA Detent you’ll need a FLEX Detent as well if your gonna do it, do it right!

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