I fully support this but it may come only the day we get a reworked ATHR which will require some intensive work I guess.

That’s true, but for now I think they should just focus on getting the feature added and then get FLEX worked on later on ;)

Here it is :
Introduction to the Soft Go-Around Function

The “all engines” go-around is a very dynamic procedure with high accelerations created by the application of TOGA thrust. Yet in-service experience has shown that as long as both engines are operating, a lower thrust can still be sufficient to perform a safe go-around.

As a safety enhancement, Airbus has introduced the Soft Go-Around (SGA) function, which provides a reduced go-around thrust and associated operating procedures.

This article will review how the Soft Go-Around function works, how it is activated, on which aircraft it is installed, and how to deal with a “mixed” fleet composed of aircraft with and without the function.

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Although Airbus have added SGA, they are not on every one of their commercial fleet just yet, only on Newley added aircraft

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Huh? I don’t see your point unfortunately

True, 380, 350 and all neo’s.

As further idea,this interface can be used for basic fmc for fms so we can set t/o thrust,acceleration and reduction heights…etc

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Good idea, however, navigation will have to go a whole other level to be able to be integrated with waypoints, sid, stars, etc, if that’s your point

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I’m so surprised how this topic has gotten 13 votes already, I’m actually surprised

I believe that would be very good in the if …

You got my vote! This would be great! I feel this is absolutely necessary for realism. It will make it easier to during a go around, especially a rejected landing.

Fun fact! If an engine fails, you can push the throttle levers to the MCT detent and the A/THR system would still be active :D

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The auto thrust system also stays active if you move below the climb detent, however is limited to a maximum thrust of whatever you leave the lever at.

Am I right in thinking this is an Airbus thing?

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Sorry for the late reply, but no, it’s not, although I lot of people think it is. All commercial jets, well, how I heard it, use the FLEX and TO/GA thrust. I’m not too sure about Military aircraft, or most GA aircraft, however the C208 Caravan used, or else might still use it. To sum it up, no, it’s not an airbus feature. ;)

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Thought I’d give this another bump.
I have a question: how would it work. Like, would we manually input the thrust we want it to set? Because that is how I would imagine it. Or would it just do a generic thrust setting? It would also be nice if they could get it to work with the Flight Directors.


For now i think it’s not high possible to add all aircrats’ performance data and performance calculations to get exact thrust for departure but we can get option to set TOGA and climb thrust as wished.Then add level change mode we have initial decent a/p

We totally need this

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We need this! Voted!

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