What is TOGA and FLEX?
TOGA (take off and go around) thrust is the maximum thrust safely being applied. However since it is tough on the engines, It can be used for only up to 5 minutes after take off (10 minutes with one engine). It is used to provide the best possible climb performance for takeoff, go around and other emergency situations.

At most large airports, this is where less power is needed for takeoff, and that is where FLEX comes into play. “FLEX” is the amount of power which is less powerful, however more efficient, using less fuel and creating less noise.

“But when can these power settings be used?” You may ask
You may sound excited about this being used everywhere you fly, but unfortunately Commercial aircraft can use this as with general aviation there is no point. However TOGA can be used with military aircraft (jets) including both regular jets and fighter jets but are not used with turboprops.

Why this when more aircraft are being worked on and clouds?
Although this is not a demanding feature and can be worked on whenever felt necessary, it can add some realism to the game and make it more enjoyable, so there’s nothing else I can say about it.

TOGA is here, but has been dead for a few years. I’ve flagged it for closure, hopefully this will receive more attention :) This also has more attention to detail.


Ah didn’t see that post

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No problem! As in I’ve flagged that topic for closure, this has more detail, and I believe it will get more votes over time, since the previous thread hasn’t been used for years!

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Yeah good point, but thanks anyways for showing me that post was even posted


Hmm, very interesting request.

Can you elaborate on how this would be initiated/engaged? That’s the only thing I’m confused by. With a button?

(I know how it’s engaged in real life I’m wondering about IF)


This would be really cool as you wouldn’t have to move to the exact power setting on takeoff, but would just go to the FLEX setting, which would be much easier and realistic.


Ah good point. Well to start off it can be used as a button in the systems (whatever you call it) menu and there can be two buttons saying TOGA and FLEX. One of those can be pressed and the throttle could gradually increase for example. That is my main idea, but could be a little complicated for them to introduce. I don’t really know but that would be really cool if that was the case. Or another idea would be if it was to be pressed and you moved the throttle up yourself and it would stop once you have reached that point


It would. I remember one time I was in a a320 (in IF) and looked at the throttle and evaluated what percentage of throttle FLEX would be which turned out being 82% and TOGA being 95%. I still use it now too


I always move it to an exact percentage too and this is just kinda more difficult than it would need to be with a FLEX setting.

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I keep mine at 100% 😅🤦‍♂️

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True it is. On Boeing is more important for the FLEX and TOGA option since you don’t know where it is, but I just still used 82% and 95% on all planes apart from fighter jets


Haha I used to always do that same thing too. By the way what grade are you in? Do you have pro and use live? And when I mean grade I mean IF grade

Yeah I’m grade 3 have live 😇

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How about you?? 😇🙂

I’m the same as you. Not much of a grinder but fly almost every day on expert when I can

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