Today's stream flight over NZ from NZQN to NZAA (redemption day)

1) Background to the photos
Four days ago, I created this post that documented a flight with Dan’s stream. He watched my smoothest landing but had to set that YouTube stream private.

Today on the Twitch stream, with the blessing from all the gods, I was able to butter my landing once again in front of the audience. More importantly, I finally get to post the video of Dan’s reaction this time!

2) Detailed Flight Information including servers, time, route
Expert server

3) Photos

The unique EPDEX3 SID where you have to loop around the valley to gain enough altitude before you get on with the LNAV:

Flying over Mt.Taranaki with its perfect cone shape:

The beautiful coastline of NZ:

Final approach:


Here is my second chance to shine on stream in front of @AviatorDan in a week! Enjoy. The VS was -120fpm at touchdown.