Today's Spotting Trip @ KCLT

Here are some of my photos from my spotting trip at KCLT this morning. Unfortunately it was cut just short of its goal by a wannabe security employee. That also explains why the fence is visible in the United picture.


Nice! I actually kind of enjoy the fence looks, it gives the pictures a ‘darker’ tone.

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Really nice pics, it looks like it was a gloomy day though. ☹️

Yeah it was morning clouds. No bad weather. Although my better pictures come on cloudy days.

Get a ladder if u can for the old terminal spotting location or the national guard spot. I’m considering to go spotting later but I think covid is affecting the quality

If I had trouble with an employee for being too close to the fence, I’ll pass.

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What are you talking about?

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Sorry, wrong chat.

Can I just say oof?

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Looked like dark foggy kind of day. (Hate those days) That doesn’t mean you picture are bad they look spot on. 😍

The clouds eventually broke as the sun rose.

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