Today's "Scenic Saturday" community event in 10 replay screenshots



This was great fun and a superb turnout! The route was awesome as well and the scenery along the way pretty epic.


It was jam packed in all directions and IFATC in all areas and frequencies was smooth, faultless and made the entire event a great thing to be a part of. Huge thanks to everyone involved and of course Dan for organising it!


The line in the sky stretched across the map as we headed out over the Bahamas and the community spirit was high. Not to clog up the airport too much in at Las Américas International, I kicked the passengers off as quickly as possible and set about taking some shots. Please enjoy.

Good times!

Departure: KMIA (Miami International Airport, Florida, U.S.A).
Arrival: MDSD (Las Américas International Airport, Punta Caucedo, Dominican Republic).
Flight time: 1 hour 49 minutes.
Server: Expert.
Editing: Slight changes to contrast and light to bring out the best of what is available - nothing fake added or taken away.


I like the scenery pics even without the plane cause it’s so beautiful there

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Like the pics, always a good view flying over the Caribbean.

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