Todays my bday pls accept my gift

Today’s my bday and since I got ghosted 2 days so the gift I want from you guys that have done such an amazing work is that if you guys are able to change my grade to grade 3 again I was grade 2 but now I want it to be grade 3 if you guys accept this gift I proposed so thank you:)

Thats not going to happen.

If IF were to do this to you then it wouldn’t be fair to others as then they would need to do it to everyone, which contradicts the point of the ghosting system. Just learn from your mistakes :)


That isn’t how it works. Pm the controller if you believe it was controller error and if you think it wasn’t your fault. What is the point in the ghost if you just have it reversed again? It may as well cease to exist.

And it also looks like you were ghosted for a reason. It’s not fair on anyone else if you have your ghost reversed but no one else’s.

Happy birthday btw


This made me laugh I wish it was like this at least you tried 😂

This would certainly set the wrong precedent…

I contacted controller and he kinda did a mistake because he didn’t warn me anything but at least I tried to get my grade back I’ve been playing this game since 2015

If @Manav_Suri decides that the ghost shouldn’t be reversed, then it won’t be reversed. I’m sure he explained to you why you were ghosted

Look guys I didn’t accept for your opinions or anything I just asked infinite flight if I could have this gift if they said no it’s a no idc about your opinions I’m already having a bad time in my life that I tried to commit something bad

Then get help. Don’t voice it to the community. If you need help, or someone to talk to, pm me. It won’t be reversed unless it was a mistake.

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just but new account lol