Today's Garuda Indonesia Virtual event in 10 replay screenshots



Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen and welcome aboard this Boeing 737-8U3 on GA flight 438 as GAVA takes to the skies over Indonesia. We’ll be heading out of the island paradise of Bali bound for East Nusa Tenggara. Flight time today is expected to be about 1.5 hours as we cruise the tropics at 35,000 feet.

It was smooth out there with excellent flying conditions and the many virtual passengers on our group of aircraft were able to enjoy some nice views out of the window whilst the pilots did a great job of getting these solid 10 year old planes to their destination.

Our VA pilots all enjoyed the flight and we look forward to seeing your onboard again soon.

Departure: WADD (Ngurah Rai International Airport), Bali, Indonesia).
Arrival: WATT (El Tari International Airport, Kupang, Indonesia).
Server: Expert.

Notes: As always, no hard editing was done to the photos, just some personal preference slight changes to the light and contrast and working with what is available – nothing fake added or taken away.

Good times



Beautiful! 😍

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Looks awesome @Helmethead!!!

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