Today's Friday Night Flight

So overall was good, those that flew into KSAN between 730 and 930, thanks for being patient.

Was loosing A LOT of aircraft, that was the reason for the abnormally long patterns, to ensure that those that came back wouldn’t wind up on top of someone.

Look at your maps, watch what the traffic is doing. If everyone is over flying the field or coming down the coast line, you will to, don’t try and get out of it, it will result in A. you going to the back of the line or B. like one pilot found out after not listening and changing freqs, being ghosted.

To many planes on FNF for anyone to be messing around. We don’t have time for it. Expect some delays and longer patterns. We want to get you guys there as fast as possible, but we can’t jam y’all up, helps no one.

And on a second note, if you are on a Unicom freq and I guard call you 5 times… come on… only one other option left.


You send me too 3000 ft, almost crashed because of the altitude. That’s why I requested climb to 3500. Thanks anyway :)

Yea sorry about that, those small (hills) that are al by themselves when it gets busy can get in the way.

Thanks for the help!


Yours was one of the few legitimate altitude requests. Thanks.


Reading this makes me miss my IFATC days xD

Come back, we could use you!

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Oh, I really wish I could…

Just want to say when we controllwers tell you to expedite, do what you were told IMMEDIATELY.


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