Todays event at London was great! Lets do it again!

Im wondering why isnt there daily events like the ones we did today, you see that tons of people join and they love it. You guys probably have a lot of Advanced ATC if not here is a reason to recruit more.

The main reason for the lack of ‘daily events’ is most likely because people will become too complacent. It would just be like another day on the server.

By making them common but not constant, it keeps the speciality of it.


Ok, but what if you just assign ATC to a region on the advanced server. people will join it doesn’t have to be an event.

We try and mix up the regions as much as possible, but we usually jump on we’re fellow controllers are. That’s why you get build ups on certain Regions causing more people wanting to fly.

If anyone wants to request a specific region, a group of us ATC will get together. We all try try to get together and open atleast 2 airports .
Thanks. // Flying High