Today's escort heroes.

Any one know these people or u fine pilots are reading this thread pm me it will be fun to fly with u guys often…

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Glad you guys had a fun time flying together. :)


Wish someone would let the EVA aircraft know he isn’t a A380, and also let IFATC- Flight Capt know he isn’t a heavy. 😂


Hahaha. Oh man, the joys of being ground ATC on TS1 and getting a call from a “Super” and not being able to find it, only to eventually realize that it’s a Cessna.

Edit: Nice escort there! Extremely high value passengers eh?


Cessna 123658382 super flight of 9. 🙄🙄


😂😂😂😂 Yeah that happens alot …

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Or Kilo Lima Mike 777777777 super flight of 7
Longest callsign possible.

i used 7 as it’s the only one that has 2 syllables

Hehe, longest callsign possible you say ? Challenge accepted !

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I think… I’ll have to check sometime when I have live (tomorrow evening ZULU time to be precise)

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Sorry i do not know his user tag , there is no " IFATC - Flight Capt " on the community. Lets hope he sees the post…

Ok :( :( :( i am so sad

Be cause feeled soooo safe when he flyed next to me :-)

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Are u the EVA call sign on this thread pic. ?

Sorry I dont understand

I an not 100% sure they are an IFATC either 😂😂


No i am not :))))))))

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