Todays ATC coverage

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Todays IFATC schedule looks like this.

Copenhagen Kastrup (EKCH),
Stockholm-Arlanda (ESSA),
Helsinki Vantaa (EFHK),
Oslo Gardermoen (ENGM),
Amsterdam Schiphol (EHAM)

The ones with out 3D airports have not received much love or care from ATC controllers today. If there is a staffing problem or simply no volunteers to control these airports, maybe those could be removed from the list to avoid disappointments?

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Well I personally think that the blame is evenly split between pilots and ATC. Pilots tend to avoid 2D airports, even when they are staffed by ATC. This discourages ATC to control these airports because they know barely anyone will visit.

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It’s is good to note how IFATC works controllers only control when there are pilots, kinda pointless to staff a frequency when there are no people to cater to. An as us pilots tend to uuhhh “dislike” 2D airports ATC dosent control there. But as the airport editing team opens up we can be sure to see more 3D airports and this problem soon vanishing

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I think this will not be true. Traffic will spread out a lot more because well, there are more 3D airports to fly to and explore. As of right now, 70% of the traffic is concentrated around the hub airport of the day (and today that is Amsterdam) and 99% of the time the hub is a 3D airport. Once more 3D airports get added, people will start to disregard the ATC schedule to fly to their favorite 3D airport and thus spreading out traffic. And with traffic spreading out, ATC will control a lot less because there will be less traffic to control.

But this is all just a prediction I thought of on the spot. It may happen, it may not happen.

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Fair enough I guess all we have to do, is to wait

Hey 👋 @Pilot_Aaltonen

I can imagine you are disappointed as a Finn that Helsinki or other Scandinavian airports are not staffed. But as IFATC you check the inbounds at the airports and you choose your Airport of choice . To be honest, I also staff little airports on the schedule that people have to fun. But it’s frustrating that you 4 planes in 1 hours…. You have to like this silence 😄


It’s not about blaming anyone here, just trying to understand the “holiness” of the schedule and how much you can rely on it when trying to plan your routes to have ATC in both ends. Fully understandable that nobody wants to wait on an empty airport to see if the traffic would built up eventually. Todays airports are very close to each others, so keeping the frequency open for some time could have created more traffic to Oslo and Helsinki, which are quite seldom featured. But yeah, I rest my case ;D


I agree that traffic will probably spread out the more 3D airports we get, but I would say that there will always be pilots that want to fly into airports with ATC and I’m sure the main world airports will still be full of people I’m just not sure there will be 180+ arrivals at one airport.


Well, we in Finland actually call it a ”good silence” 😂

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I disagree somewhat with your statement about it being pointless to staff an airport where there is no traffic. Often times I open an airport with 0 traffic and over time that traffic builds. Sure, you may not have as many inbounds but a lot of times that airport will fill up on the ground. Sometimes that also depends on how long a controller will stay open but you’d be surprised how much traffic you can generate, opening an airport with little to no traffic.


Hey! I staffed Helsinki GTAS yesterday…where were ya? 😜

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