Today would’ve been perfect to release

Just mentioning that most of the USA, CANADA and Mexico will be / has been out of school, work, flights have been canceled everywhere. If ya didn’t know there’s a winter storm and right behind that is a extreme freeze rolling through.
Just would’ve been a great time to see some people gaining flight time and xp.

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The developers will release the update when everything is ready. I think that not everything is done, so they can’t release an update that isn’t 100% completed. There are plenty of aircraft that people enjoy flying though, so they can always fly those.

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Hi, Bryan. Infinite Flight does not release their updates depending on North American weather systems, or any natural occurrences for that matter. On the contrary, it is completely possible that the developers woke up yesterday, saw their shadows, and decided to delay the update for another six weeks. Who knows?


There is no correlation between development timelines and weather.


If only my area got a winter storm. Can’t really complain though, as we got over a foot of snow around Christmas (which is more than most recent years combined)

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Stay tuned to #announcements for more information