Today was a good day

Today was a good day for me, I got home from school at 2:45. Took off from Newark in a UAL 777, went golfing with my dad and shot my second best round ever at 79 even though it was 55 degrees, rainy, and windy, and then I got home and landed in San Francisco after a 5 hour flight


Thats sounds like a good day! Hope you had a nice flight!


Sounds like a very fun day!

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Nice. Good to hear you’re having a good day.

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Im jealous… Happy day though! Good luck on the rest of days.

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Meanwhile I’m doing Homework on a Friday… 😂☹️


Dang nice. Haven’t had something like that happen to me in a while, hope you enjoyed the flight

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Same for me… Woohoo…

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Same here weeeeee…

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