[Today!] The Nice-Côte d'Azur Flyout! @ LFMN | 021445ZSEP19


The Nice-Côte d’Azur Flyout

About the Event:

Welcome to the third installment of my “underserved hubs” series the second one failed, rip. In this series, I’m focusing on smaller airline hubs in IF that don’t get as much attention as they deserve.

About NCE:

Nice Côte d’Azur Airport (French: Aéroport Nice Côte d’Azur ) (IATA: NCE, ICAO: LFMN) is an international airport located 3.2nm (5.9 km; 3.7 mi) southwest of Nice, in the Alpes-Maritimes départment of France. It is the third busiest airport in France and serves as a focus city for Air France and an operating base for easyJet. In 2018, it handled 13,850,561 passengers. The airport is positioned 7 km (4 mi) west of the city centre, and is the principal port of arrival for passengers to the Côte d’Azur.

Due to its proximity to the Principality of Monaco, it also serves as the city-state’s airport, with [helicopter service linking the principality and airport. Some airlines market Monaco as a destination via Nice Airport.

Important Event Information:

Date and Time: 2019-09-02T14:45:00Z
(This is automatically converted to your local timezone.)

Server: Expert

Airport: LFMN

Aircraft: Whatever is assigned to your route.


Don’t troll. After all, it’s the expert server. Please act professionally.

Don’t push from your gate if the person to your immediate left or right is pushing from theirs.

You are responsible for watching yourself. If you get violations or ghosted within a week before this event, do not come crying to me.

If a route is not listed that you want, please click here to make sure it is a realistic route before placing your gate request.

Please be respectful. Don’t spam the Unicom (or ATC in the rare event we have it).

You are responsible for your own fuel. I would recommend using fpltoif.com or simbrief.com. The simbrief tutorial is linked here.


Passenger Airlines

NCE houses 64 airlines in its 2 terminals.

Terminal 1 (Full!)
Pilot Gate Airline Aircraft Destination
@clarencetheavgeek A33 Air Canada 767-300 CYUL
@November-Kilo16 A34 Aer Lingus A320 EICK
@Edoardo_C A35 Cityflyer Express ERJ-190 EGLC
@matthew_20204 A36 EasyJet A320 EGCC
@anon45500775 B38 Turkish Airlines A321 LTFM
@mr.monaco B39 Qatar 787-8 OTHH
@sam.dus B40 Dreamjet 757-200 KEWR
@james_harvey B41 British Airways A319 EGLL
@captain_jr B42 Emirates A380 OMDB
Terminal 2
Pilot Gate Airline Aircraft Destination
@will_a A00 Air France A319 LFPO
@dylan_m A01 Air France A320 LFPG
A02 KLM 737-900 EHAM
A03 Wizz Air A320 LHBP
A04 Finnair A321 EFHK
A09 Aeroflot A321 UUEE
@co99 A11 Swiss Int’l Airlines A319 LSZH
@chindle_1204 A12 Swiss Int’l Airlines A319 LSZH
A14 Alitalia A321 LIRF
@qfa_12 A15 HOP! CRJ-700 LFRK
A17 HOP! CRJ-1000 LFRN
A16 Air France A319 LFQQ
@matt_hulena B21 Air France A319 LFLL
@bob_robert B20 Air France A318 LFRS
B22 HOP! CRJ-1000 LFBZ
B24 HOP! CRJ-1000 LFBP
B25 Air France A319 LFBD
@Delta319 B27 Delta 767-300 KJFK

GA Aprons

Pilot Gate Aircraft Destination
@jack_q Apron 01 CC19 Flying VFR

Gates Map

Please excuse my sloppy handwriting.

NOTE: The gate numberings in IF and what I used in my dropdown are not the same. Please use the following map to find your gate.


How to request your gate:

Please provide the following:
The gate you want

If you are changing the route, please additionally provide the following:


Can i get a gate for easyjet A320 to Manchester

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I’ll take Gate A01 please!

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May I have Gate A33 for CYUL please?

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New Signups

@Matthew_20204 gate A36 ✅
@ClarenceTheAvgeek gate A33 ✅
@Dylan_M gate A01 ✅

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I’d like to have this Gate, thank you :)

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New Signups

@Captain_JR gate B42 ✅

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Bumping this😂

Bumping this 2.0…

I’ll take this @Delta319

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New Signups

@Guxk gate A02 ✅

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Bumping this 3.0

bumping this 4.0

don’t scroll past

Is this on the 30th or 31st? Says 31st I the title but says the 30th in the date and time thing in the post

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it’s the 31st. time is indicated in the first post btw :)

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Could I have a gate to YUL or I can’t just wondering

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New Signups

@ThomasThePro gate A34 ✅

still plenty of time left to get a gate!

Hey there, can i have gate B28, for EGLC (London City) with British Airways E190?

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New Signups

@Edoardo_C gate A35 ✅

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