TODAY! SUPPORTED BY ASVA - California Dreamin' @ KSFO - 151600ZFEB19


I would like to join.

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Great. What gate!


Whatever is available, let me know the gate, airline, aircraft and destination.

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Will do, you will take gate 60, to KLAX, take the United 737-800.


I will have a gate! Virgin Atlantic to EGLL!

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Ok, I will put you down at Gate 68! Can’t wait to see you there!


We still have gates open! More gates will open when these fill up. I can add any realistic destinations if you want!


More gates are now going to be added with lots of ASVA destinations!


We still have loads of gates! Anyone want to help fill them?


Anyone? Still lots of gates!


Hi. May I have gate 65 to IAH? I will be taking a 737 there. I plan flying the 737-700, however anything is fine if I must be assigned an aircraft.

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No worries! Thanks for participating!


Do you have a call sign


Yes. My call sign will be United 1154. Thx

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Hi. Sorry for the request but is it ok if I instead change to the SEA route with a A320 rather than IAH? If possible, thx. Otherwise, I can still proceed with the original flight plan.

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