TODAY! SUPPORTED BY ASVA - California Dreamin' @ KSFO - 151600ZFEB19

Server: Expert

Airport: KSFO

Time: 1600Z 2019-02-15T15:00:00Z

Please respect Unicom. Please do not join if you have not signed up*

San Francisco International Airport is a gateway to the world, with flights to Asia, Europe, South America, and North America you can fly almost anywhere in the world. KSFO is the biggest airport in Northern California and the second biggest in California. The airport had its first departures in 1927. It was supposed to be an experimental airport. It has only expanded from there.

Please let me know if you want to fly a route listed below. If you want a route not listed please leave a comment of the airport you want to fly to.

  • Gate 60 - KLAX

  • Gate 61 - KSMF - @Samdog27

  • Gate 62 - KLGB

  • Gate 63 - KRNO

  • Gate 64 - KSLC - @Aviation-21

  • Gate 65 - KIAH -

  • Gate 66 - KDFW

  • Gate 67 - KSNA - @Pilot_M

  • Gate 68 - EGLL - @Oli5

  • Gate 69 - KPDX

  • Gate 70 - KPDX

  • Gate 71 - KPSP

  • Gate 72 - KSEA - @United_1154

  • Gate 73 - PHOG

I love flying for ASVA, I think everyone else would as well! The community is amazing! You can bond over everything! Your love of aviation of passion for coffee ;). Also, people are always available for group flights. Filing PIREPs is super easy as well! Highly recommended!

Does anyone want to join?

You need to use the correct format.

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What do I have to change?

Can I have a gate to Salt Lake City in the Delta 717 please?

Yes! I will sign you up!

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I would reccomend adding more destinations and context to your event.

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Ok. Thanks. Any destinations in mind? Or context?

Cough Cough KSNA Cough Cough

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Santa Barbara right?

HOW DARE YOU Im Joking ! Its John Wayne airport in Orange County. You have offended my home airport. lmao

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Haha! Ok sorry. I’ll change it

Shall I spawn at a specific gate?

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Yes. I will post the gates on Saturday.

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Hi. I will take a gate and I will fly to KSNA

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For sure my man!

do you need a ATC ?

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Sure! Should I sign you up for Ground and tower?

ok thanks you

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Any gate assignments? (Sorry for being annoying 😂)

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