Today’s event with ATC

This morning when I was coming into land at Madrid from DFW, I was American 71 Heavy and I either received the wrong instructions for landing on 36L or I was given the instructions for 32L. ATC told me to land on 36L but I was put way off course for that runway. I knew I was probably going to being instructed to go around and I was told just that. I just wanna know what happened here.

It’s probably a type of approach the IFATC we’re doing

Ok thanks. Cuz I was never in position to land on 36L cuz something didn’t seem right. I think they meant for me to land on 32L so that’s what I believe might’ve happened

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Who was the Atc? Because you can contact them and they can explain all your questions

I don’t know but it was about 7:00 to 7:45 EST when I landed in Madrid

Hi @Hunter_Fellman-Green

If you would like to ask @Luke_M what happened there you can send him a private message :)

Often times during FNF you need to get put into a queue to manage the traffic. It may seem like you are moving away from the airport but in reality you are joining the existing traffic queue. The FNF plane volume makes it hard to incorporate real world procedures so this is necessary to accommodate everyone.

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If you have a computer to use during your flight, I’d suggest looking at liveflight and see how they’re doing the queue in the air. It helps visualize what you’re going to deal with.

Adding onto what Chris said, here’s a current visual reference:

You’ll see that traffic from the East will enter 32L fairly easily, since the long hauls, and flights from Western Spain, Transatlantic routes, and Canary islands come from here, which has low traffic currently.

Traffic from LEPA and LEBL is constant, giving 32R a difficult more condese airspace. The way controller deal with this is by spreading them out. You were most likely entered into this pattern as drawn above.

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