[TODAY!] London STN - Poznan my holiday!

Hello there, on the 16th of July I will be flying out to Poznań in Poland! For my holiday I will be giving updates every day running up to the day. I will be flying with Ryanair on there 737-800 (obviously) and I hope to fly in their new cabin. I made this topic because I want to share my expireance but also ask the IFC if they know any model stores or aviation related things.

Why am I going?

I’m going to Poznań because I have family from my mothers side that is Polish I fly every year but this year I decided to document it.

Trip report

I will be making a video for my YouTube channel that you can find in my Bio about the flight but also I will add pictures fir the IFC!

Aircraft info



Reg: EI-DAO full info | EI-DAO photos
Aircraft: Boeing 737-8AS
Airline: Ryanair
Serial #: 33550
Age: 14 years old

Credit: https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/8979009



Aww that means no butter :(


Haha, I don’t think Ryanair is a bad airline there just cheap and they have bad landings.


Well you just described it as a bad airline 😂 I haven’t got a problem with them, but yeah… they suck a little 😂🤗

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Oh whoops nobody saw that.

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Poznan is a lovely city. The former imperial palace of Wilhelm II is really quite an interesting tour. You also must see the City Hall. The clock ringing is iconic!



My return flight has been changed to 17:36 local time that is the time I should be at the airport and my flight departs at 21:20.

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Today will be my last day of school and iexcpect to stay longer at school to say goodbye.


Just 24hrs away, I will be doing a live stream on Instagram on day probably doing a bit of spotting? @aviaator_lhr is my instagram accountvif you want to see the stream!

Your sooooo lucky, I have another WEEK! No time to play IF D:
I would love to go travelling in the Real World. have a load of fun!

Try and fly it in IF, that should be fun!

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That’s a shame, I did i the route in IF once.

Same, still got another week to go :(

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Today is the day I will be flying out!!! Follow my Instagram @aviaator_lhr for news and more!

So. I’ve checked STN Departures, and to verify FR2336 is your flight?

UPDATE: Goran is currently flying over Amsterdam,Holland

Also, the registration aint EI-DAO, but EI-DPP

Arrival Time: 14:25 CEST
Altitude current: 36,000ft

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I found you, right now you are over the Netherlands

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