Today is Cake Day, for the 6th time :)

Today marks 6 years since I’ve had a forum account on the IFC, and my first flight ever in IF! It has been a fun and enjoyable ride so far, and I look forward to a few more before I move on to my career. :) See you in the skies!


Happy 6! See ya around!

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Happy cakeday! Here’s to the future and its holdings! 🍻

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Happy cake day! Just to celebrate, have another one! 🎂

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Just looking around the forum, 6 makes me “older” than a some of the well known community moderators for example DeerCrusher joined the IFC on Sep 9, '16. Im shocked!

Not tagging mods/staff members for no reason :) your welcome

Huge congratulations, I love seeing positive posts like this rather than the evermore popular trend of unhappiness on here.

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