Today, in 1941.

Today is an important day in American history, and World History. On today’s date, 81 years ago, at 7:48 am (HST), 353 Imperial Japanese Aircraft swarmed the skies over Pearl Harbor. These aircraft destroyed eight battleships and over 300 aircraft, but most importantly they took the lives of over 2500 men and women. This day would go down as The Attack On Pearl Harbor, “A Date Which Would Live In Infamy.”
You can still visit where pearl harbor took place, pictured above is the memorial for the USS Arizona. There is also a Pearl Harbor Aviation museum. It holds many old aircraft and some that were used in the attacks.
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Rest in peace to all the lives lost 😞


I visited Pearl Harbour. I wanted to go and see the USS Arizona memorial but they weren’t running boats out to it unfortunately.

I highly recommend when going to Honolulu, take some time out of your trip and get a tour or just walk along the harbour.

I just can’t believe its been 81 years.


i been to pearl harbour, and me being in 12 grade world and us history (i am in 11 grade) So i have a lot of love to learn WW2.

@Flyin.Hawaiian thanks for putting my name, and not stealing my work. I wrote that in a 8 page eassy about pearl harut as i am the leader in WW2 at my school. if you have question ask me!


A date which will live in infamy.


Hey, my dad and I went to the museum Pearl Harbor Historic two times again last on December 23-24, 2007, and August 13, 2015, for a very long time. If I consider will again visit spend in the state of Hawaii when in August 2025 almost 10 years. 81st Anniversary Never Forget.

I have 3 times in the state of HI and different islands last year in 2007, 2010, and 2015.


im good on questions, ive been educated so much on WW2 since hawaiʻi was really the ignition for the US to join WW2.

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