TODAY! Hurricane Hunters Group Flight with Caribbean Virtual

Hello IFC!

Hurricane Beryl, which is now classified as an extremely dangerous category 4 hurricane, is quickly approaching the Caribbean. Instead of avoiding the area, as many aircraft will choose to do, we will be flying straight through it… with no passengers of course. Join us on a 45 minute flight from TBPB to TTCP as we experience the true force of this storm in the Dash 8 Q400.


Departure: July 1, 0100Z (June 30, 9PM EST)
Flight Number: BW212
Flight Time: Approx. 45 minutes
Aircraft: Dash 8 Q400

This event is open to everyone on the expert server! We hope you can join us!


Looking forward to it!


Hello @CaribbeanVirtual! Avianca Virtual would love to join this great event!
Looking forward to it,
CaptainA | AVVA COO


Ooh, I’ll be planespotting!

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WE FLYING INTO A HURRICANE WITH THIS ONE 🗣🗣🗣🗣🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 but ill be here


Already gusting 35 in Barbados! 😁😁


Now there’s also a tropical depression near Mexico.

I do think we should use the Hurricane Hunter livery on the C-130, add some pizazz.

I also might be a little late, I have 2 hours 7’ ETA to Tampa currently without factoring descent.

Sorry, just realized, can’t attend. Definitely will be passing by there when I’m available, though.

Looking like this should be a fun one! See you there!

I wont be there but please ping me if someone crashes

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Oh it will happen for sure.

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Thanks for joining us for this exciting event! Please start to spawn in 15 minutes! You may choose any gate at TBPB. Copy @rpedro (Caribbean 484BW) flight plan and get ready to head east into the storm! We will let you know when to push. Let us know if you have any questions!


Actually. Let me join this show. Can i take a c130 tho?

Good choice!

i might join aswell

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Yes that’s fine

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i’ll spawn in now

People who join this event will be in my traffic timelapse vid


Sweet. I won’t be making a video so great

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Well enjoy your vacation!

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