[Today!] Goodbye 2010 Decade :( @ KLAX - 152200ZDEC19

Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” ― Dr. Seuss


Goodbye '10s - Au Revoir '10s - Adios '10s - 再見 '10s - さようなら '10s

Can you believe it?! It’s almost 2020. That means we wave goodbye to the 2010 Decade. Unless we all live past 100, this will be the last time we say -teen in our year. So, let’s relive some nostalgia.

Event Info:

This event was a joined project by @Gm2kmike20, @Captain_Merka, and @Mattheus. Thank you for helping me with this event.


We all started our career of 2010 there. Let’s wrap it up there. But, not on casual, unless you want to get buzzed a lot. This will take place in expert.

Date of the Event: Sunday, December 15, 2019 10:00 PM


Terminal 1

Destination Gate Aircraft Airline Pilot
KPDX 09 737 Southwest @harmondrew465
KPHX 11A 737 Southwest @riley_bertoia
KABQ 11B 737 Southwest
KPDX 12A 737 Southwest @CAKnights09
KDAL 13 737 Southwest
KDEN 15 737 Southwest @Scandanavian54Super
KOAK 16 737 Southwest @m_de41
KPIT 17A 737 Southwest @bossflyer
KLAS 17B 737 Southwest @CostaricanPilot
KSJC 18A 737 Southwest @Starz_Flyz
KSJC 18B 737 Southwest @BigBert10

Terminal 2

Destination Gate Aircraft Airline Pilot
CYVR 21 737 West Jet @Cpt_Zorndy
CYYZ 21B 737 Delta
KABQ 22 737 Delta
MMMX 23 737 Aeromexico
MMUN 23A 737 Southwest
MMSD 24 737 Delta
MMPR 24A 737 Delta
MMGL 25 737 Aeromexico
EIDW 26 A330 Aer Lingus
MMPR 27 737 Southwest
MMMY 28 737 Aeromexico

Terminal 3

Destination Gate Aircraft Airline Pilot
KDFW 30 737 Delta
KSFO 31A 737 Delta
KSJC 31B 737 Delta
KDPHX 32 737 Delta
KMEM 33A 737 Delta
KATL 33B 737 Delta
KATL 34 737 Delta @JuanCrafter_Pro
KMCO 35 737 Delta @Armani_B
KTPA 36 737 Delta
KJFK 37A 737 Delta @anon9524891
KCVG 37B 737 Delta
KBOS 38B 737 Delta @Jetcentric
KMSP 39 737 Delta

Terminal 4

Destination Gate Aircraft Airline Pilot
KDFW 40 A321 American
KDFW 41 A321 American
KMIA 42A A321 American
KSEA 42B A321 American
KCLT 43 A321 American
KJFK 45 A321 American @EpicNYC04
KDCA 46A A321 American
KIAD 46B A321 American
KORD 46C A321 American
KJFK 47A A321 American
KPHX 47B 737 American @AidanG3928
KPHL 48A A321 American @anon42527263
PHNL 48B A321 American @Leong_Qi_Wei_819
Pilot Choice 49A American@Hymenopus_Coronatus
Pilot Choice 49B —- American @Infinite_Flight_Sims

Terminal 5

Destination Gate Aircraft Airline Pilot
KEUG 50A A320 Allegiant @anon57683537
KTUL 50B A320 Allegiant
KCVG 51A A320 Frontier
KDEN 52A A320 Frontier
PHNL 52B 767 Hawaiian
PHOG 53A 767 Hawaiian @snoman
PHNL 54A 767 Hawaiian —-
KJFK 54B A320 JetBlue
KBOS 55 A320 JetBlue
KFLL 56 A320 JetBlue @Kevinsoto1502
KBLI 57 A320 Allegiant @Bren_McDonell
KIAH 58 A321 Spirit
KFLL 59 A321 Spirit

Terminal 6

Destination Gate Aircraft Airline Pilot
KSEA 60 A320 Alaska @Alaska170
KSEA 61 737 Alaska @Captain_Merka
KPDX 62 737 Alaska
KSFO 63 A320 Alaska @Tyler_Cehelsky
KIAD 64 737 Alaska
MMSD 65A 737 Alaska
KLAS 65B A320 Alaska @Jacob_Sim
MMGD 66 737 Alaska
MMPR 67 737 Alaska
MMMZ 68A 7370 Alaska
MMLT 68B 737 Alaska
KEWR 69A 737 Alaska
KORD 69B 737 Alaska

Terminal 7

Destination Gate Aircraft Airline Pilot
KIAH 70A 737 United @CaptRolSalmeron9065
KIAH 70B 737 United
KDEN 71A 757 United
KEWR 71B 757 United @Pingu
KIAD 72A 737 United
KSFO 72B 737 United @Thunderbolt
KLAS 73 737 United @Lik_Seedy_Boi
PHLI 74 737 United
KBOS 75A 737 United
KSBP 75B CRJ700 United
KMFR 76A CRJ700 United
KBOI 76B CRJ700 United
KACV 77 CRJ700 United

Terminal 8

Destination Gate Aircraft Airline Pilot
KSFO 80 737BBJ Grey and Black
YMML 81 A388 Generic
YSSY 82 789 Generic
KEWR 83 748 BBJ
EGLL 84 77W Generic
KSEA 85 A320 Generic
KLAS 86 739 BBJ
PHLI 87 MD-11 Private
RJTT 88 788 N/A @Takahashi


Destination Gate Aircraft Airline Pilot
OTHH 156 A350 Qatar @ButterAllDay
ZBAA 131 B787 Air China @Krypton
RKSI 132 A388 Asiana @BadPlane
LFPG 133 A388 Air France @NathanD
EDDF 134 A388 Lufthansa @Capt.SkyWalker
EHFK 135 A350 FINNAIR @Zach007
RKSI 148 A380 Asiana @anon45500775
EGLL 150 A380 British Airways @AryaTheLivingMeme
VHHH 151 B777 Cathay Pacific @tinytinnytin
OMDB 152 A380 Emirates @Captain_Tank
RJTT 153 A350 Delta @SirMarkieMark
RCTP 154 B787 EVA @Liam13
SCEL 155 B787 LATAM @Scandanavian54super
OTHH 156 A350 Qatar @LongHaulGuy
RJAA 157 B787 JAL @TheFlyingGuy1
EHAM 159 B787 KLM @DutchPilot1


Airline Destination (You Pick) Gate Pilot
Atlas Air KCVG Imperial 01 @BadPlane
Atlas Air Imperial 02
Atlas Air Imperial 03
Atlas Air Imperial 04
Atlas Air Imperial 05
FedEx Fedex 1
FedEx Fedex 2
FedEx Fedex 3
FedEx Fedex 4
FedEx Fedex 5
FedEx Fedex 6
FedEx Fedex 7
FedEx Fedex 8
FedEx Fedex 9
FedEx Fedex 10
FedEx Fedex 11
FedEx Fedex 12
FedEx Fedex 13
DHL/AeroLogic SE Cargo 1
DHL/AeroLogic SE Cargo 2
DHL/AeroLogic SE Cargo 3



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For this event, we have partnered with @RyanairVirtual!! We thank them for their support.


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I hope you can make it, as we wave goodbye to our 2010 years.


Great thread @anon41771314 glad I could help!

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Goodbye, large chunk of my childhood 😭

I’ll take 50A.


Could I have gate 133 please

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Gate 35 please 👍🏽😁👊🏽Thanks


@NathanD @Armani_B @anon57683537 You’re all signed up! Thanks for coming!


3 people already?! Wow!

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Fun Fact: This is the last time we will say teen in a year

Um 2113?

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Are any of us gonna live that long though??


You never know. People have lived up to the age of 126.


True. I’ll change it.

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I’ll take… ugh cr#@ I’m up to see my sister in Birmingham that day 😭.

Wish I could make it, I may spawn in, just PM me on one of the Slacks when it starts because I’ll probably forget 😂

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I can put you on a Standby list.

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I 100% won’t be able to fly, but spectate may be possible.


Can I get a Southwest gate to San Jose

Can’t believe the decade is almost over
(It felt just like yesterday I was getting in trouble in 1st grade)


Same here remember my teacher from 4 years ago

We are saying goodbye to the teen years for possibly the rest of our lives.

Now this thread really makes me reflect the good times when I was younger…

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I Put it under Delta since we don’t have an SJC gate for SouthWest.

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But Southwest does fly to SJC from LAX

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Can I have gate 132 to NZAA?

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