TODAY FULL [19 attending] Landing competition @ EGLC (London City) 221600ZSEP19

Server: Expert (because EGLL is a main airport in training)

Airport: EGLC

Time: 2019-09-22T16:00:00Z

Aircraft - A318 or ERJ family (European airliners only)

NOTAM: Third Event Landing competition at the famous London City airport.
Why London City? It was top voted in my next event poll also he high approach needed into the airport makes landing difficult especially with a small runway
About London City - it has 1 runway 09/27 which is 5000 feet long.
Be sure to use reverse thrust and use brakes wisely
You have to be at least 2000 ft on final approach due to high approach which makes it more difficult

Picture of London City

Gate 1 - @Nicholas_Henry
Gate 2 - @Parshava
Gate 3 - @Lil_Qaz
Gate 4 - @Pertonics
Gate 5 - @United2
Gate 6 - @Polski
Gate 7 - @Dimitri_126
Gate 8 - @Captain_Sid
Gate 9 - @Siddhansh
Gate 10 - @Captain_luis
Gate 11 - @Niccckk
Gate 12 - @anon23647801
Gate 13 - @Jackalus_Mills
Gate 14 - @Timothy_Andriychuk
Gate 21 - @UnitedGuy19
Gate 22 - @Jacob_Edmunds
Gate 23 - @Menthesuphisth
Gate 24 -


GA Apron 1 -
GA Apron 2 -
GA Apron 3 - @Flips_Fisch

Landing grade
Point of touchdown

Current event

Have fun😎


Sign me up!😀

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I’m in H-ENRY

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See you there also @Parshava you to. Must be above 2000 feet on final

Could I have a gate?

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Yes you can thanks

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Remember most be 2000 feet on final

Can I be judge?

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Sign me up

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See you there @Infinite_Qantas yes you can judge

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Awesome, see you there

Thanks for coming

You could also make this on casual so more people join.

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I think it’s a bit late to switch the server but it’s not my event.

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Maybe we’ll see

Can I come?

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Yes thanks for attending lol

I’ll attend

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Ok see you there

Thanks to all who attend my St. Barth’s event lets make this one like that one

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