(TODAY) Flying in France @LFLL - 191700ZJAN19

Server: Training

Airport: LFLL

Time: 1700Z

We will be flying from the 3rd biggest airport in France, Lyon Saint Exupery, we will fly to the largest French airport LFPG. The flight time should be around an hour.

NOTAM: Please join with an A320 family plane with the Air France livery.
DM me for ATC opportunities. There are no gate assignments so please spawn early.

Other information

Route - No established route, expect deviation during approach

Departing runway 17R

  • LFLL Ground -Samdog27

  • LFLL Tower - Samdog27

  • LFLL Departure -

  • LFPG Ground - @Andres_Arias
    LFPG Tower - Samdog27

  • LFPG Approach -


Air France 961 with you!
Departure LFLL runway 17R
Destination Paris CDG
JAN19 1700Z

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Can’t wait to see you there

Please DM me if your coming

Hi, does the group flight start about 1 hr 30mins from now?

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an hour and 15 minutes from now in two days. now worries

The event isn’t until the 19th Jan 19 at 1700z

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@Jack_White you coming?

I’ll try to make it but can’t promise!

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Great! Hope to see you!

Anyone want to help with the ATC some spaces available @Wilco062 ?

Hopefully I should be able to make it

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I’ll be here for sure with AF3818

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Can’t wait to see y’all! T-1 hour and 24 minutes…

19 MINUTES!!! Hope to see some people soon.

I’ll be there. Any preference on what gate I should be at??

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Nope just make sure you are an Air France A318/19/20/21

Can’t wait to see you. I’m already on the ATC

10 Minutes remaining…

Time to spawn. Remember training server