[Today!] Fill the airport San Antonio Flyout@KSAT-272000ZJAN19


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San Antonio Airport Shuttles - San Antonio Airport Transportation

Come with us and join us in a San Antonio fly out. An airport that is forever growing and has routes all over the US.

Flight Info


Server: Expert server

Event NOTAM:

Departure information will be provided in group message near the time of the event. You are encouraged to but not required to fly a realistic route. Flying another route is fine if you wish. Real routes can be found here

Terminal Info (airlines and aircraft serving KSAT)

Airline ICAO Code Aircraft
Aeromexico AMX 737
Air Canada Express ACA E175
Allegiant AAY a320
American AAL a320,738,a321
American Eagle N/A crj-700
Delta DAL crj-700,crj-900,E170,a319,a321,757
Frontier FFT a320
Southwest SWA 737,738
United UAL E170,a320,738,739
Volaris VOI a319
A Gates (5 left)
Gate Airline/Aircraft &Destination
Gate A1 ASA 739 KSEA @EverettM
Gate A2 DAL a318 KJFK @Shadow87645
Gate A3 DAL crj-900 KDTW
Gate A4 DAL E170 KLAX
Gate A5 FFT a320 KMCO @Cargo
Gate A6 DAL a321 KATL
Gate A7 VOI a319 MMMX @xXDuhItzMacXx
Gate A8 VOI a319 MMGL @GlobalFlyer1
Gate A9 AMX 737 MMMX @EchoMikeIndia
Gate A10 AAY a320 KSFB
Gate A11 SWA 737 KATL @Luke_Sta
Gate A12 SWA 738 KBWI @anon42527263
Gate A13 SWA 737 KDAL @ytemag
Gate A14 SWA 738 KMDW
B Gates (7 left)
Gate Airline/Aircraft &Destination
Gate B1 AAL a320 KCLT
Gate B2 AAL 738 KORD @Matthew_20204
Gate B3 AAL a320 KMIA @Sebastian9915
Gate B4AAL a321 KDFW @BadPlane
Gate B5 UAL 739 KIAH @esant_15
Gate B6 AAL 738 KDFW @Pingu
Gate B7 UAL crj-700 KLAX
Gate B8 UAL 737 KEWR @den.aviation
Gate Airline/Aircraft &Destination
Apron FDX MD-11 KMEM @savavalentin86

All commercial gates will be used for this event. Please fly realistic routes only. Departure info will be given before the event. I’m at KSAT IRL so much I’m more familiar with it than my home airport KBWI! Any questions just ask. See you there