[Today!] EKVA Presents: English Energy! @ OMDB - 081900ZSEP18

Photo Credit to @ryanpark0521EK7220

Welcome to Emirates Virtual’s second event: English Energy! We will be flying from our main hub in Dubai to the lovely city of Manchester. We’d love to have you aboard so check below for more information! See you there!

Flight Info

Server - Training Server [TS1]

Date - September 8, 2018 7:00 PM

Departure Airport - Dubai International [OMDB]

Arrival Airport - Manchester International [EGCC]

Aircraft - Airbus A380-800; Emirates Livery


  • Spawn in no later than 5 minuets prior to departure

  • Official flight plan and cruise altitudes/speed will be announced in the event chat

  • Estimated Flight Time is 6hr 56mn

  • Plan Distance is 3222nm


Flight plan is subject to change


Apron A

Gate Attendant Callsign Emirates Virtual Pilot?
A1 @DiamondGaming4 EKV-004
A2 @TylerShah EKV-6299
A3 @indraniel EKV500
A5 @ryanpark0521EK7220 EK-7220
A6 @Logan_A_L_Aviation EK-19
A7 @QFA_12 EK-12
A8 @Melvo077 N258QC

To request a gate, please use this format:

[Gate][Callsign (if EVA pilot)]

More gates will be added if necessary

This Event is Hosted By

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Gate A1 please. Callsign EKVA2008

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Are you an EKVA member?

EKVA6299. Gate please A2

And I’m a EKVA member


Added you to the list!

A5, EK7220, I am a EKVA pilot

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A3 EVA500 ,
EVA pilot.

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You both have gates!

Yes I am. But I’m a newbie

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For events rankings are on hold. Just provide your EKV callsign!

Dont forget to sign up today!

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Hey,here is Felix Hofmann,I wrote the Application last Sunday I think and there were Problems with my Name,now this is my Account(I said it in an Email to wich I wrote for 2 Days I think)Hope that there are now no problems with my Name

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Wrong thread there. You want their VA thread, this is their event thread

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Why i’m not signed up yet? Gate A4 EKV-2008

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Then should I try it under a another Post?

ups,I only did it on this Pist because it was the newest one ^^

Sorry for the delay, see you there

@Felix_Hofmann We’ll contact you regarding your application

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@Emirates_Virtual Is there a cruising alt set?

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Can i take gate A6 Callsign EK19

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