[TODAY!] Binter Canarias Virtual Presents: Vigo Fly-in!: @ GCXO - 1512000ZDEC19

About the event

Hello there! Welcome to Binter Canarias Virtual’s Vigo Fly-in Event! I am pleased to announce the event happening on Sunday 15th December 2019. The event will start at Tenerife North airport (GCXO) and will end at Vigo airport (LEVX). All are welcome to join us at this event and don’t forget to share any screenshots with us!

Vigo Airport

Event Details

Departure Airport: Tenerife North (GCXO)
Arrival Airport: Vigo (LEVX)
Date: Sunday 15th December 2019
Departure Time: 12:00ZULU
Go to Gate Time: 11:45ZULU
Arrival Time: 14:15ZULU
Flight Duration: 2:15
Aircraft: Binter Canarias CRJ1000
Server: Training
Speed Below 10,000ft: 230kts
Speed Above 10,000ft: 290kts/ Mach 0.77
Cruising Altitude: FL350

NOTAMS: Please spawn in at least 15 minutes before departure time. Spawn at designated gate with desingnated callsign Use UNICOM/ follow ATC instructions. Please copy BCVA AH AVIATION’s (Binter 001) FPL. Request pushback 5 minutes before departure. Please fly at the correct heading, speed and altitude throughout the flight. The approach into Vigo is mountainous so please be careful. If we are landing on runway 02, this will mean aircraft need to back taxi the runway so ensure there is at least 6-7NM separation on final.


Due to limited parking spaces at Vigo Airport, only 14 people can attend this event. Priority will be given to BCVA members.

(Pilot) (Gate) (Callsign)
@AH_aviation Gate 01 Binter 001
@Charter Gate 02 Binter 002
@Jens_Severin Gate 03 Binter 003
@Imyash_Sharma Gate 04 Binter 004
Gate 05
Gate 06
Gate 07
Gate 08
Gate 09
Gate 10
Gate 11
Gate 12
Remote Apron 13
Remote Apron 14

To request a gate, please reply with the gate you want. Please inform me at the earliest stage if you cannot attend.


(Controller) (Airport) (Frequency)
GCXO Ground
@Scandanavian54super GCXO Tower
@Siddhansh LEVX Approach
@Captain_Tank LEVX Tower
@Captain_Tank LEVX Ground

To request a frequency, please reply with the airport and frequency you want. Please inform me at the earliest stage if you cannot attend.

Event Hoster

This event is hosted by Binter Canarias Virtual
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Hey! Can I sign up for the tower position @GCXO?

Yeah sure, do you want to be tower, ground or both?

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Just tower please! Thanks!

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Great! I’ll give you more information nearer the time.

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I would like to join. Can I have Gate 2?

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Yes sure, your call sign is Binter 002

pls could i have LEVX Tower and Ground pls

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Yes, sure!

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I’ll take a gate from GCLP, Binter Virtual Callsign

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Great can i have gate 3
With binter one
And i would love to be apart of where caption tank also there

Bcause i attended with them before while both flying…

Help me out by…12:00 z zulu time to india timings pmse …??

17:30 Indian time

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You have gate 3 and please use the callsign Binter 003


I have given you gate 4 and your callsign in Binter 004

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Ok done.sir 🤣🤣🤣 so basically its a 2 hour flight right…?

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Hey where 's the today fpl ??

I will file it when we spawn in


Okk great…

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I would offer to do approach, but I’m catching a train that time sadly. Have a great flight you lot!

^ The train (from yesterday) ^

*Aviation related fact: the station was directly next to EGBB Birmingham International. Also the name of the station. I was meant to pass through here but they had a door failure and they had to terminate here.

Above the lamp posts in the distance is a Jet2 Boeing 737-800 on final approach.

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