(TODAY)All day United Airlines Denver event@KDEN 031500MAY20

United Airlines Denver Event!!!

United is denvers largest airline that operates ot of it. United is the only airline that fully has control over Terminal B, it also has some gates in Terminal A

Server: Expert Server

Airport: KDEN

Time: 2020-05-03T15:00:00Z2020-05-04T05:00:00Z

denver horse

denver map

There will be assigned gates. For departures out of Denver, there are gates listed below with destinations, everyone who wants to join can, multiple people can do one flight but at different times. If you are an arrival aircraft please park in the appropriate terminal gate away from Terminal B as there will be an event going on. ( i am trying to get ATC to control) Additionally i will be in a plane in another set of gates monotoring the entire event to make sure things go smoothly. You can sign up at any time and spawn in at any time. Multiple people are aloud to do one route. Just ask me first thanks

Gates Departures 1

B11 -Kansas city- MCI- E170

B14 -Aspen- ASE- CRJ700

B15 -Frenso- FAT - CRJ700

B16 -San Diego- SAN - A320

B17 -Portland- PDX - B737

B18 -Omaha- OMA - CRJ700

B20 -Sacramento- SMF - E170

B21 -Columbus- CMH - B737

B22 -Albuquerque- ABQ - B737

B23 -Salt Lake- SLC - A320

B24 -Boston- BOS - B738

B25 -Los Angeles- LAX - A320

B26 -Chicago- ORD - B752

B27 -San Fransisco- SFO - B739

B28 -Nashvil- BNA - E170

B29 -Tampa- TPA - B738

B31 -New York- LGA - A320

B32 -London- LHR - B789

B33 -Jacksonvil- JAX - E170

B36 -Tokyo- NRT - B789

B37 -St. Louis- STL - A320

Gates Departures 2

B38 -Honolulu- HNL - B772ER

B39 -Newark- EWR - B737

B41 -North Platte- LBF - CRJ700

B42 -Colorado springs- COS - CRJ200

B43 -Indianapolis- IND - B737

B44 -Knoxville- TYS - E170

B45 -Salina- SLN - CRJ700

B46 -Richmond- RIC - E170

B47 -Charleston- CHS - E170

B48 -Houston- IAH - B738

B49 -Greenvil- GSP - E170

B50 -Scottsbluff- BFF - CRJ700

B51 -Cancun- CUN - B738

B52 -Raleigh Durham- RDU - A320

B53 -Louisville- SDF - E170

B54 -Dallas- DFW - A320

B55 -Milwaukee- MKE - B737

B56 -El Paso- ELP - E170

B57 -Sacannah- SAV - E170

B58 -Detroit- DTW - A320

B59 -San Antonio- SAT - E170

B60 -New Orleanes- MSY - B737

B61 -Orange County- SNA - A320

B63 -Seattle- SEA - A320

B Gates 65 through 95 CHOICE
A48, United A320 PHL @BIGGB97

ATC may be present at the time

There are assigned gates, Pushbacks start at 1500Z. The event ENDS at 0500Z
Please consider joining and i will see you May 3rd at 1500Z
Please join thanks

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You have no clue how incredibly disappointed I am with you right now. 🤦‍♂️

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What’s wrong

Due to the corona virus I couldn’t get exact planes. If you want me to switch it with another aircraft I will

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I’m just messing with you. Look at my IFC name and you’ll understand why I said what I did.

I may or may not be able to attend. I’ll let you know as it gets closer.

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I would like to attend, please assign me a gate#, and any other details. Thanks 😊

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You want a random one?

Which ever is close-ish to you. I’ll just follow you when taxiing.

I will not be starting my flight till later during this but I will sign you up to be next to me

I signed u up you will be next to me

Okay thanks, I was thinking of doing London B32. But I’ll take whatever you gave me.

Ok I will give you the London one

new sign up

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I’m starting an overnight right now, so just PM tomorrow with time you want me to be there and I’ll be there 😉

What’s the chance of swapping this out with the DEN-NRT flight? If so I’ll take that if available.

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The event isn’t until May 3rd

Sweet thanks!

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Yea no problem I can change that

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new sign up

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Yeah, I know, I just figured you’d have times set up. No worries 😉 anyway, I’ll PM you tomorrow to see if you’re doing that East Coast madness

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