[Today!][34 Attending][Sponsored by SWVA!]Let's Fill Up The Strip! Americas Busiest: Volume 3 @KLAS - 261700ZOCT19

Americas’s Busiest: Volume 3: Las Vegas


In this series we will explore the top ten busiest airports in the United States, starting with Charlotte and ending with Atlanta. All of these airports were ranked in the top 10 in passenger carry according to Wikipedia. Follow along and join as many events as you can, it is sure to be an amazing series. If you want to see the schedule of these events it will be listed below.

Las Vegas | KLAS | October 26, 2019

San Francisco | KSFO | November 24, 2019

New York | KJFK | December 29, 2019

Denver | KDEN | January 26, 2020

Dallas | KDFW | February 23, 2020

Chicago | KORD | March 22, 2020

Los Angeles | KLAX | April 26, 2020

Atlanta | KATL | May 24, 2020

About McCarran:

Airport Chart:

Event Information:



Pay attention to group chat for updates and information
Use Unicom at all times
Use Unicom respectfully
If IFATC is available be sure to follow all instructions
Spawn 15 minutes before the event starts
Have Fun!

Concourse A



Gates - 16 Remaining
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination User
A03 Spirit A320 KATL
A05 Spirit A321 KBWI
A07 Spirit A321 KBOS
A08 Spirit A320 KBUR
A10 Spirit A320 KORD
A11 Spirit A321 KCLE
A12 Spirit A321 KCMH
A14 Spirit A320 KDFW
A15 Spirit A321 KDEN
A17 Spirit A320 KDTW
A18 Spirit A320 KFLL
A19 Allegiant A320 KRNO @aviation001yt
A20 Spirit A321 KIAH
A21 Spirit A321 KIND
A22 Spirit A320 KMCI
A23 Spirit A321 KLAX

Concourse B



Gates - 4 Remaining
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination User
B10 Southwest B738 KSTL
B11 Southwest B737 KTUL
B12 Southwest B737 KSEA @HappySpartanJay
B14 Southwest B737 KSJC @JuanCrafter_Pro
B15 Southwest B737 KSNA @7405896A
B17 Spirit A320 KPHL
B24 Spirit A321 KMCO

Concourse C



Gates - 13 Remaining
Gate Airline Aircraft Destintaion User
C01 Southwest B737 KBHM
C02 Southwest B738 KELP
C03 Southwest B737 KAUS @Suhas
C04 Southwest B738 KBOI @Brenden_Hirsch
C05 Southwest B737 KHOU
C07 Southwest B737 KABQ
C08 Southwest B737 KAMA
C09 Southwest B738 KIND
C11 Southwest B738 KCMH
C12 Southwest B737 KLGB @FlightSimDudeKN
C14 Southwest B738 KBNA
C16 Southwest B738 KBWI
C19 Southwest B737 KDAL
C21 Southwest B737 KMDW @CAKnights09
C22 Southwest B738 KFLL
C23 Southwest B738 KATL @anon42527263
C24 Southwest B738 KDEN @Kaleb_Jordan
C25 Southwest B737 KBUF

Concourse D


Air Canada
Hawaiian Airlines
Sun Country

Gates - 29 Remaining
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination User
D01 American A321 KLAX @ewong05
D03 American A321 KCLT
D04 American A321 KPHX
D05 American B752 KDFW
D08 American A321 KLAX @Tyler_Cehelsky
D09 American B738 KJFK
D10 American B752 KORD
D11 American B763 KMIA
D12 American A321 KDFW
D16 Frontier A320 KCVG
D17 Frontier A320 KCOS
D18 Frontier A320 KATL
D20 Frontier A320 KORD
D21 Frontier A320 KDFW
D22 Frontier A320 KDEN
D24 Air Canada B763 CYYZ @NBSYT
D25 Hawaiian Airlines B763 PHNL @Shakaboy
D32 Delta E170 KSJC
D33 Delta A321 KSLC
D34 Delta E170 KSNA
D35 Delta B738 KSEA
D36 Delta E170 KLAX
D37 Delta B739 KJFK @Captain_T_Malone
D38 Delta B752 KATL
D39 Delta B739 KDTW
D40 Delta A321 KMSP
D41 Delta A319 KLAX @Lil_Seedy_Boi
D42 Delta A321 KATL
D43 Delta E170 KSAN
D50 Sun Country B738 KMSP
D51 United A320 KIAH
D52 United B752 KORD
D53 United A320 KORD @Captain_Oblivious
D54 United A320 KSFO @majhz
D55 United B739 KEWR
D56 United B738 KLAX @Ioppi20
D57 United B739 KDEN
D58 United B738 KIAH

Concourse E


British Airways
Korean Air

Gates - Full
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination User
E01 Swiss (Edelweiss) A333 LSZH @Rishon_R
E02 British Airways B744 EGLL @xsrvmy
E03 Hainan B789 ZBAA @TransportForLife
E05A KLM B789 EHAM @Adam_Goodman
E06 Korean Air B772 RKSI @Squirry
E07 Westjet B738 CYYZ @Sam73628
E08 Westjet B738 CYWG @Kyan_Perry
E09 Copa Airlines B738 MPTO @Carlo-Espino10
E10 JetBlue A320 KBOS @Rodrigo_Villalobos
E11 Alaska A320 KSFO @Dylan_M
E12 Alaska B739 KPDX @Captain_Merka
E13 Alaska E175 KPAE @Sashaz55
E14 Copa Airlines B738 MPTO @Armani_B




Stands - 3 Remaining
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination User
Cargo Apron 01 FedEx MD11 KONT @Michael_Van_Beveren
Cargo Apron 02 FedEx B772F KMEM
Cargo Apron 03 FedEx MD11 KIND
Cargo Apron 04 FedEx B772F KMEM

Janet Stands

I will be hosting a group flight within this event with the Generic B737 which is supposed to represent Janet Airlines from Las Vegas up to Area 51, I hope that you will join me along the way!

Gates - 5 Remaining
Gate User
Janet Airlines Apron 01 @Plnelovr
Janet Airlines Apron 02
Janet Airlines Apron 03
Janet Airlines Apron 04
Janet Airlines Apron 05
Janet Airlines Apron 06

I hope that you sign up for this event which is bound to be huge, let’s fill up the strip!

There is still time to sign up for the previous event, do it before it’s to late:

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Join now!


Gate C03 please thank you very much 👍🏽😁

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Thank you very much, you are the first signup!

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I’ll sign you up, thanks, must have missed that

Your cargo gates are messed up, sorry I just checked and I can’t join :(

Fixed the cargo gates, sorry to hear that

D25 for me. Mahalo!

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E11 please & thanks!


Snatched my favorite gate, nice choice!


Of course, nice choice


I will take gate E13 please!

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I’ll sign you up now, see you at the event!

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I’ll take the SWA 737-700 to SNA. Also what time is this Pst? (Believe it’s gate B15)

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The time should convert automatically in the post, it is 10:00 AM pacific time, but I’ll sign you up!

british airways to EGLL please

Nice choice, I’ll sign you up!

Could you change E08 to CYWG, if you can then count me in!

Of course, thanks for attending

Let’s fill up Las Vegas, sign up now!

Sorry, I can’t fly with you anymore something came up this day, Pm me for you next event and I will be in! Sorry for the inconvience have a great event