[TODAY!] [26 ATTENDING] Let’s show the developers we need the MD-80 in Infinite Flight! @KSTL, KATL, KDFW, KORD 221800ZDEC19

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Server: Casual


Time: 1800Z2019-12-22T18:00:00Z

NOTAM: Fly to any airport that had major MD-80 service in its prime, like KLGA, KDTW, KMEM, KBNA ONLY USE 717
image https://www.tailstrike.com/Photos/Alaska%20261_3.jpg
This event will see us flooding airports with Boeing 717s, the little brother of the McDonnell Douglas MD-80, or also known as the Mad Dog. We want to see this aircraft in Infinite Flight since it is retiring soon and was one of the main domestic aircraft in the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s. A lot of people care about this aircraft and you either love it or hate it!

LINK TO THE #features TOPIC: McDonnell Douglas MD80 Family ( MD-80 )

This is not only for the MD-80, but also the MD-90, DC-9, and possibly a 717 rework.

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Nice ‘fan event’.
I noticed that the MD80 feature request was first created 3 years ago. The aircraft is only a little older than the request 😉😋

Have a fun event!

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Sign me up!

I’ll be there


Welcome to the community @WillH! PM me if you need anything.

Yes I want to come, the MD-80 family was the successor of my favorite plane, the DC-9. I want this plane, and I’m coming! Airport to be decided.

I’m 100% coming. #MadDogs

The MD-80 should 100% have priority over the A220 since it is about to completely retire, and there would be barely any A220 liveries

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Yes! Count me in! #mexicanmaddog

Let’s get some people in here!

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Just incase anybody missed it :)


Keep signing up! We need to show IF that the MD-80 has to be in the game!


All of our call signs should be NEEDMD80

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Yes. We may WANT other planes. But we NEED the MD-80.
Let’s make this popular like the 757, #AddTheMD80

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Would be a great event I imagine! Just training server that doubts me 😣

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Maybe we should do casual.

This is a sign, since The MD-80 has successors and predecessors, all similar, maybe these will come true too. All we can do is wait.

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Nowadays casual is better than training server. Only problem is there are no system violations.

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I’ll do it, Casual it is!

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This event will be so fun…

We need to show IF that the MD-80 is needed!

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I was also attending 1st and busiest wave of the regulars Christmas event, in order to attend this event too, I changed waves for takeoff. Now I can attend both events!

Let’s make this a hashtag like the 757. #AddTheMD80