[TODAY!] [21 Attending!] [Sponsored by SWVA and IFGAC] The Winter Travel Season in South Florida! @KMCO, KTPA 111700ZJAN20

Server : Expert

Airports : KMCO, KTPA

Time : 1700Z


In the peak of the winter travel season, we will be heading to KMCO and KTPA to do a MAJOR flyout! South and Central Florida is one of the biggest tourist spots in America since it is home to places such as Kennedy Space Center, Port Canaveral, Disneyworld, SeaWorld, Discovery Cove, and many long beaches in Tampa! It would be fun to see these airports filled like they are in the winter! I really hope everyone signs up!

FUN FACT : The two airports are quite similar in the fact that they both have Airside terminals that are connected to main terminals by trains!

Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Captain
1 JetBlue MTPP E190
3 JetBlue KLAX A320-200
4 JetBlue MMUN A320-200
5 JetBlue KBDL A320-200
6 JetBlue KLGA A320-200
7 JetBlue MMSD A321-200
8 JetBlue KJFK A321-200 @Zaid_Martines
9 JetBlue KALB A320-200
10 Frontier MDPC A320-200
11 Frontier KTTN A320-200
12 Frontier KCLE A321-200
13B Frontier KGSP A320-200
14 Frontier KISP A321-200
15 Private Airline (Captains Choice)
16 Frontier KSYR A321-200
17 Frontier KBUF A321-200
20 Frontier KLAS A321-200
22 Avianca SKBO A320-200
23 Icelandair BIKF 757-200
24 Frontier KDEN A321-200
25 JetBlue KHPN E190
26 JetBlue TJSJ A320-200
27 Copa Airlines MPTO 737-800 @Armani_B
28 JetBlue KBOS A321-200

Airside B

Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Captain
101 Southwest KPHX 737-800
102 Southwest KATL 737-700
103 Southwest KFLL 737-700
104 Southwest KPVD 737-700
105 Southwest KHOU 737-700
106 Southwest KDCA 737-700
107 Southwest KSDF 737-700
108 Southwest KMEM 737-700
109 Southwest KBHM 737-700
110 Alaska KSAN 737-900ER
111 Alaska KSEA 737-900ER
112 Alaska KPDX 737-800
113 Southwest KMDW 737-700
114 Southwest KORF 737-800 @m_de41
115 Southwest KMHT 737-700
116 Southwest KSTL 737-700
117 Southwest KROC 737-700
118 Southwest KMSY 737-700
119 Southwest KMKE 737-700
120 Southwest KLAS 737-800
121 Southwest KDEN 737-800
122 Southwest MJKS 737-800
123 Southwest KOAK 737-800 @anon46114754
124 Southwest KBNA 737-700
125 Southwest KDAL 737-700
126 Southwest KCVG 737-700
127 Southwest KMCI 737-800
128 Southwest TJSJ 737-800 @Kevinsoto1502
129 Southwest KRDU 737-700 @DoubleAplays

Terminal BAirside C

Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Captain
30 Spirit KGSO A320-200
31 Spirit KLBE A320-200
32 Spirit KIND A320-200
33 Spirit KIAH A321-200
34 Spirit KCAK A320-200
35 Spirit KDTW A321-200
36 Spirit KPIT A320-200 @Tyler_Cehelsky
37 Spirit KEWR A321-200 @Captain_Sid
38 Spirit KAUS A320-200
39 Spirit TJSJ A321-200
40 United KORD 737-900ER
41 United KCLE 737-800
42 United KEWR 757-200 @UnitedGuy19
43 United KIAH 737-800
44 United KDEN 737-900ER
45 United KEWR 737-900ER
46 United KIAD 737-900ER
47 United KLAX A320-200
48 United KSFO 737-900ER
50 American KORD 737-800
52 American KMIA 737-800 @aviationjax
53 American KPHL A320-200
54 American KCLT A321-200
55 American KPHX A321-200
56 American KLGA A321-200
57 American KDFW 737-800
58 American KDCA A320-200
58A American KLAX A321-200

Airside D

Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Captain
71A Delta KATL 757-200
72 Delta KMSP 757-200
73 Delta KDTW 757-200
74 Delta KSEA 757-200
75 Delta KCVG 737-800
76 Delta KLGA A321-200
77 Delta KJFK A321-200
78 Delta KBOS A321-200
80 British Airways EGKK 777-200ER
81 Virgin Atlantic EGCC 787-9
82 Delta EHAM 767-300ER @Jetcentric
83 Norwegian LFPG 787-9
84 LATAM Brasil SBGR A350-900 @A350iscool
85 Lufthansa EDDF 747-400 @United_1154
87A Emirates OMDB 777-300ER
90 GOL SBBR 737-800
91 AeroMexico MMMX 737-700
92 Volaris MMGL A319-100
93 Air Canada Rouge CYUL A319-100
94 WestJet CYHZ 737-800
95 Air Canada Rouge CYOW A319-100
96 WestJet CYYZ 737-800
97 WestJet CYYT 737-800
Hardstand 1 Delta Connection (Republic) KSTL E170
Hardstand 2 Delta Connection (Endeavor) KBNA CRJ-900
Hardstand 3 Delta KSLC 757-200

Remote StandsAirside 2 Remotes

Stand Airline Destination Aircraft Captain
1 Delta Connection (Endeavor) KPIT CRJ-900
2 Delta Connection (Endeavor) KMEM CRJ-900
3 Delta Connection (Republic) KDCA E170
4 Delta KIND 717-200
5 Delta KRDU 717-200 @Bren_McDonell

North Remotes

Stand Airline Destination Aircraft Captain
601 Caribbean Airlines TTPP 737-800
603 Alaska Airlines KSFO A320-200
604 LATAM Peru SPJC A320-200
605 WestJet CYVR 737-700
606 WestJet CYEG 737-700
607 Sunwing (Generic) CYWG 737-800
608 Swoop (WestJet) CYHM 737-800
609 Air Canada Rouge CYYZ A319-100
610 Air Canada Rouge CYHZ A319-100
611A Virgin Atlantic EGPF 787-9
612 WestJet CYXE 737-700
613 WestJet CYQR 737-700
614 WestJet CYYC 737-800


Stand Airline Destination Aircraft Captain
West Cargo 1 UPS KSDF MD-11F
West Cargo 2 UPS KJFK A330-200F
West Cargo 3 DHL KCVG 757-200F
FedEx 1 FedEx KAFW MD-11F
FedEx 2 FedEx KIND MD-11F
FedEx 3 FedEx KMEM MD-11F
FedEx 4 FedEx KLAX 777-200F
Delta 1 UPS KONT MD-11F
Delta 2 UPS KCAE 757-200F
Delta 3 UPS KFLL 757-200F
Delta 4 UPS KPNS 757-200F
Delta 5 UPS KTPA 757-200F
Delta 6 UPS KRSW 757-200F

GA Apron

Stand Airline Destination Aircraft Captain
MCO 10
MCO 11
MCO 12
MCO 13

Airside A

Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Captain
A1 Silver Airways MYNN TBM-930
A2 Silver Airways KEYW TBM-930
A3 United Express (Republic) KCLE E170
A4 United KIAH 737-700
A5 United KORD 737-900ER
A6 United KSFO 737-800
A7 United KDEN 737-900ER
A8 United KIAD 737-900ER
A9 United KEWR 757-200
A10 JetBlue KBDL A320-200
A11 JetBlue KEWR A320-200
A12 JetBlue TJSJ A320-200
A14 JetBlue KHPN E190
A15 JetBlue KJFK A320-200 @Johnny_Rigano_48
A16 Spirit KLAS A320-200
A17 Spirit KBWI A320-200
A18 Spirit KFLL A321-200

Airside C

Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Captain
C30 Southwest KMDW 737-700
C31 Southwest KISP 737-800
C32 Southwest KDAL 737-700
C33 Southwest KPHX 737-800
C34 Southwest KSAN 737-800 @anon42527263
C35 Southwest KCMH 737-700 @cptlogue
C36 Southwest TJSJ 737-800 @Kaleb_Jordan
C37 Southwest KPIT 737-800
C38 Southwest KSTL 737-700
C39 Southwest KBNA 737-700
C40 Southwest KDEN 737-800
C41 Southwest KSAT 737-700
C42 Southwest KLGA 737-700
C43 Southwest MUHA 737-700
C44 Southwest KIND 737-700
C45 Alaska KSEA 737-900ER

Airside E

Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Captain
E62 Delta KMSP 757-200
E64 Delta KATL A321-200 @Ethan0930
E65 Delta KDTW A321-200
E66 Delta KCVG 737-800
E67 Delta KJFK 717-200
E68 Delta KLGA 717-200
E69 Delta Connection (Endeavor) KRDU CRJ-900
E70 Air Canada Rouge CYOW A319-100
E71 Air Canada Rouge CYUL A319-100
E72 Air Canada Rouge CYYZ A319-100
E73 Delta KSLC 737-900ER
E74 Frontier KISP A321-200
E75 Frontier KCLE A321-200

Airside F

Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Captain
F78 American KORD 737-800
F79 American KMIA 737-800 @Will_A
F80 American KDFW 737-800
F81 American KPHL A320-200
F82 American KPHX A320-200
F83 Delta EHAM 767-300ER
F84 Copa Airlines MPTO 737-800
F85 WestJet CYYZ 737-700
F87W Lufthansa EDDF A330-300
F88W Norwegian EGKK 787-9
F90W British Airways EGKK 777-200ER


Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Captain
57 Delta KLAX 737-800
58 Delta KBOS 737-800


Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Captain
1 UPS KRSW 757-200F
2 UPS KMCO 757-200F
4 FedEx KIND MD-11F
5 FedEx KMEM MD-11F
6 FedEx KFLL DC-10F
7 FedEx KAFW MD-11F

GA Apron

Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Captain
1 IFGAC TNCM C750 @Balloonchaser



Orlando International Airport

Orlando International Airport (IATA: MCO, ICAO: KMCO, FAA LID: MCO) is a major public airport located six miles (10 km) southeast of Downtown Orlando, Florida, United States. In 2018, MCO handled 47,696,627 passengers, making it the busiest airport in the state of Florida and the tenth-busiest airport in the United States. The airport serves as a hub for Silver Airways and a focus city for Frontier Airlines, JetBlue, Southwest Airlines, and Spirit Airlines. Southwest is the airport’s largest c…



Tampa International Airport

Tampa International Airport (IATA: TPA, ICAO: KTPA, FAA LID: TPA) is an international airport six miles (9.7 km) west of Downtown Tampa, in Hillsborough County, Florida, United States. The airport is publicly owned by Hillsborough County Aviation Authority (HCAA). It has been praised for its architecture and Landside/Airside design of a central terminal (landside) connected by people movers to four satellite air terminals and gates (airsides), a pioneering concept when designed in the late 196


Southwest Virtual is proud to be hosting the Central Florida Travel Season Event! As a whole, we have drastically changed how people think about flying in the forum, with the introduction of virtual passengers and our Rapid Rewards program, managed by our booking staff. This is a big revolution on our hand, but of course, we need pilots to fly our virtual passengers, so they are still very much our main focus, which is why we give all the materials necessary to fly as realistic as possible. No matter who you are, this is the VA for you!

Join now!

Check Out The Infinite Flight General Aviation Club

The Infinite Flight General Aviation Club is a proud partner of this event. The IFGAC has over 150 members and represents general aviation within infinite flight around the world! If you like general aviation aircraft, The IFGAC is the place for you!

Club Thread - The Infinite Flight General Aviation Club | Join The Journey

Club Website - https://ga-club.weebly.com/


I really hope to see you sign up and I hope to see you there!

Happy Landings!

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Hi, you may remove me because i have appointments, sorry 😊

No worries!

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I’m out as well, my phone has some battery issues, it wont stay more than 3-4 hours, it will start heating up and battery starts decreasing very rapidly, I would switch to a medium haul but its too late for me, so I will have to back out sadly

Alright. No worries!

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EVENT IS TOMORROW! Sign up if you can!

@Zaid_Martines @Armani_B @m_de41 @anon46114754 @Kevinsoto1502 @DoubleAplays @Tyler_Cehelsky @Captain_Sid @UnitedGuy19 @aviationjax @Jetcentric @A350iscool @United_1154 @Johnny_Rigano_48 @anon42527263 @cptlogue @Kaleb_Jordan @Ethan0930 @Will_A

I hope you are all excited for the flyout tomorrow! Just a few NOTAM’s to be ware of:

AT MCO: Use the inboard runways (runway 17R/35L or 18L/36R) for takeoff.
AT TPA: Use runway 19R/1L for takeoff

All aircraft may push back at 1700Z. Please watch for others when pushing back (COUGH the three Southwests that are miraculously side by side by side at KTPA)

Other than that, hope to see you there! It will be a lot of fun!


👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻See everyone tomorrow


Event begins in 2 hours, Runway assignments come 1 hour before the event.

AT KMCO: Rwy 17R and 18L will be in use

AT KTPA: Rwy 19R will be in use.

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You may now spawn in!

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