[Today] [18 Attending 100% Filled NO MORE GATES] Low Cost Flyout Vol. 1 @KDAL - 281800ZDEC18 (Sponsored by Southwest VA)

Southwest Loves You

About this event: As you may know Dallas-Love Field is the other airport in the Dallas area next to the big Dallas-Fort Worth. Well, Southwest Airlines is a big low cost airline that is based in Dallas-Love field and is usually underrated. So lets give some love to Dallas-Love and show them how Southwest does it.

This is a flyout event! This means you will not haved established route, Instead choose gate with pre-selected route. If you wish to change destination, please ask me!


Event Information

Server: Expert

Airport: KDAL

Date & Time:December 28, 2018 6:00 PM

Please Note

  • Please spawn at your assigned Gate 15 Minutes prio to the event starting for screenshots!

  • Please be respectful of the Unicom. We do not want trolls ruining the event for others.

  • Do not attempt to pushback at the same time as the plane next to you. Please wait till he has cleared behind you.

  • You are responsible for your flight plan and fuel. You can always use #tutorials as reference and guidance for tips or use fpltoif.com

  • Please be patient and do not act immature and ruin the event for other. Please act professional and realistic. Pilots may use SID and STARS. Find them on skyvectors.com

  • Runways will be announced the day of the event based on real life.

Commercial Gates

Gate Pilot Airline Destination Aircraft
01 @JeromeJ Southwest BWI B738
02 @Aviation-21 Southwest AUS B737
03 @Luke_sta Southwest PHX B737
04 @TenMileJones Southwest BUR B737
05 @baseball_inferno Southwest DCA B737
06 @BlueAcidball Southwest HOU B738
07 @Rodrigo_Villalobos Southwest LAX B738
08 @AZA.DAL.610 Southwest PHX B738
09 @Mattheus Southwest SEA B737
10 @Ethan_Hansen Southwest DEN B737
12 @Plane-Train-TV Southwest TBD B738
13 @AviationGaming Southwest SJC B738
14 @Playr_Mar Southwest OAK B738
16 @Dylan_M Southwest LGA B737
17 @Cargo Southwest LAS B738
18 @BigBert10 Southwest SFO B738
19 @Kevinsoto1502 Southwest SAN B737
20 @Devon_Mo_piedmont114 Southwest RDU B737

If you have any questions about the event please feel free to pm me! Hope you all enjoy…


I was given permission to use this format from @VAnuj


Can I have a gate to KBWI?

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Yes you can welcome aboard @Plane-Train-TV :)

Gate 06 please! It’s in my state, that’s why :)

Gate 09 please!

Sure thing man welcome aboard! :)

Welcome aboard man!

Gate 02 please

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Gotcha! Welcome

Thank you so much

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No thank you man

No, thank you! :)

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Great event, great airport. And I would love to represent for my great VA…Southwest Virtual. May I please have Gate: 14 to my home airport of KOAK?
Callsign: SWA81
Thank you sir.

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Can I have Gate 15A to KLAS

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Thank you for signing up sir will do ;)

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Ofcourse you can!

Oh I love SWA… let’s see which route is open 👀

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Then this might be the flyout for you ;)

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Also you can change your destination if you want. That is a pre filed destination ;)

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Thanks I can’t Wait!👍

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