TOD used as waypoint

Hello. Basically everytime I file my flight plan the “TOD” is an actual VOR in Africa so the flight plan will always go to that point in Africa regardless of the flight plan. This seems like more of a development issue than a glitch issue. Is there a way to fix this?

are you searching for “TOD” and adding it into your flight plan within IF?

No whenever I add the flight plan it automatically has that point in the flight plan

are you using FPLtoIF

If you are using FPLtoIF it has that glitch for some reason where the Waypoint goes to somewhere far.

You could easily just delete that waypoint and problem solved. :)

( if your talking about FPLtoif)

You’re not adding TOD as a waypoint are you?

The Top Of Descent, is not something that you can necessarily create in the form of a Fix.

Yes I was using FPLtoIF, so I thought that if I removed that point that it would take the TOD out. So the TOD is on when I turn VNAV on?

Correct. TOD will automatically be calculated. VNAV works by taking into account, groundspeed, distance from the next waypoint, and the difference in altitude between your initial altitude and your target/final altitude to calculate a desirable rate of climb/descent. This rate of climb will adjust accordingly with a change in groundspeed.


Ok thank you

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