ToD on route


Can someone please explain , where or what point is the TOD displayed or active on a route ?


TOD is accurately displayed once in cruise i’m pretty sure and shows you how long until decent … hope this answers your questions :D

edit : if you’re wondering how you can see the TOD you can hold the many options at the bottom of your screen and find vnav

-ifblogs (M00N)

I think Danny asked whether it was displayed on the map which it is not, otherwise everything @IFBLOGS said is what you should do 😉


Hello there! If you want to actually calculate your TOD, here is how: (Said in another topic by @MannyG)

I think most spend too much time with “TOD” calculations. Use the ETA… when 20 min to destination start your descend at -1,500ft/min - adjust as you go if needed, stabilize at FL110-FL130, adjust your speed and continue descend. Simple… if you have strong tailwinds your 20 minute mark will be further out, if strong headwinds…you get the idea.

The important piece is to descend …too many pilots are way too high when close to the destination airfield.

Cheers guys I will give this a try.

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