To whoever this pilot is

I want to say, thank you, to Captain Christoph, from flight Koreanair 0323 for being such an awesome pilot, and not disconnecting during my time flying with him as an F-14. If anyone knows this pilot, please, lead him my way. I would love to speak to him.

You were awesome man. I kept my distance from your plane as to not crash into you or bug you.

You had a successful landing. I’m glad. Stay flying.

Captain Wilfred (N25SU)

P.S. That was the most fun, and amazing thing I have EVER done in my time playing Infinite Flight. Thank you!


Lets start off with;

Youre not in an F16, youre in an F14 Tomcat haha

You kept distance to not crash or bug him but flying infront of him colevel is mega annoying.

I really like the shots and sentiment though, nice work!


I seriously had no idea people felt that way. I would love to get in contact with him to apologize.

No need to apologize :) Maybe he enjoyed it, @Mags885 certainly doesn’t speak for me as I would’ve found it entertaining


Thank you, though. :)

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No dont worry about it, when intercepting and escorting airliners, you should position yourself off on the rear or front quarter. This is also true to life.

If you just dropped into that position and then took off without loitering then its not too bad! However think of real world aviation and consider the consequences of putting an airliner through your jetwash/afterburner.

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I tried to keep that front right angle, where I stay in the front-ish side.

Much like the image above

But due to me not really sure of what speed to keep, I keep flying in front, behind, then up front again, etc. As this is my first time flying in an escort.

Thanks for the heads up. I’ll keep it in mind.

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The speed that displays on the airliner is GS, that also appears in the bottom left of your HUD. So soeed matching is made easy.

Happy flying dude and good luck perfecting it. Highly recommend you look up IFAE-GAF if this sort of thing is your style.


It’s truly amazing

I hope he enjoyed it too.

You also gotta consider. His plane is heavier than mine, so with that in mine, his 489 knots probably are slower than mine. I’ve had to sometimes slow down to 300 knots so he could catch up after I overcompensated my speed.

No, your speed is exactly the same as his based off Ground Speed (GS). There isnt a load of different M0.8’s based on an aircrafts size haha


Haha alright. Thanks

Now. For that group.

I’m gonna have to put in A LOT of hours.

I’ve only started playing IF. Recently on jets.

That’s actually my first escort.

And X-Plane 10 Mobile flights are hella different.

I mean. That’s only regional flights. Really short.

These are like.

30 minute to like 24 hour flights.

If you would like to join us, here is how.


Hey man, I’m usually always up in the skies flying for BAVA, if you ever want to practice your escorting manoeuvres drop me a PM and we can get flying together! More than happy for you to join me on some of my flights!