To the staff

As we all know global is coming out this week.
Thank you Laura, Phillipie and their team for creating this small game, with only a Cessna 172 With only one region, SanFrancisco that became the game we have now!

When the first update came out it attracted many Aviational inthusiast to the game
But now, The Infinite Flight Will be the best IOS Simulator, When we had the brand new Aircraft like the 787, This game has gone VERY Far with all the update that made this game the best they can be.

If you could give a thanks, Or a cheer to them for making this game mighty and unstoppable. -Australia_nx


Woohooo! Thanks Laura, Phillipie and their team for this awesome game!


otherwise, everything esle you said was spot on :)


Thank you.
But by those means I mean, It started off a small game.

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