To the Canaries in Luxury ( FINAL FLIGHT )

After a lovely 8 days here in the Canary Islands 🇮🇨 exploring the island of Tenerife and the main one of Gran Canaria it’s time to head home. I’m kind of sad that this trip is ending especially since me personally, I LOVED the Canaries and in my opinion so far it’s the best place I’ve visited in 2024 but that Maldives 🇲🇻🏝️ trip will most likely dethrone it and take number 1 but that isn’t until June so this will most likely remain my favourite destination this year so far. Just like the way I got here, we’d once again be on my friends Bombardier Challenger 350 on our flight back to Boca Raton with another brief stop in Bermuda 🇧🇲 to refuel since now we’d be flying AGAINST the strong jet stream and wouldn’t make it back home in one go so now the the stop was NECESSARY instead of recommended but enough rambling let’s get our journey home started!


Flight Info

Origin: Tenerife Norte - Ciudad De La Laguna 🇮🇨 ( GCXO )
Destination: L.F. Wade Intl 🇧🇲 ( TXKF )
Flight Time: 6:42
Bombardier Challenger 350 ( House Colors )
Server: Expert

After a pretty small security check at TFN, we were brought to a security car and driven across the ramp to our CL35 we’d take back to Boca just with that brief stop in BDA. It was still fairly morning and most of us were pretty tired so we didn’t load any breakfast onto the plane and we all ate at a little buffet right by the airport so no need for catering today although coffee and other snacks and beverages were loaded along with our bags but let’s get onboard!

Decided to sit in the back for both legs and it provided a great wing AND engine view love these 2 in 1 deals! ❤️ soon the fuel trucks came by and we fuelled up a lot since when doing the paper work, it states that the flight would EXCEED aircraft range I don’t know why but it just did so we ended up loading the most amount of fuel we could take and hope we’d have enough to even REACH Bermuda 🇧🇲 let alone divert if necessary but hey im writing this right now so everything worked out I guess? 😅

Since we were flying private, there weren’t any massive delays and we soon pushed back, made our way to Runway 12 and became airborne with this BREATHTAKING 🤩 climb out with Pico del Teide or Mount Teide which is the tallest point in ALL of Spain 🇪🇸 as I said before the canaries are Spanish territories.

Due to our EXTREMELY heavy weight, we wouldn’t climb too high we went up to only FL340 for the first leg while the surface ceiling for the CL35 is another 11,000ft higher and I’ve been lucky enough to fly that high and it is an interesting experience. I went up to the front to get a water and a few croissants 🥐 before taking a short nap since there wasn’t much to see outside for almost 7 hours.

Even when we began descending, I didn’t even see land until we were on short final for RWY 30 at BDA so here we are now after a very bouncy landing but anyways, Welcome to Bermuda! 🇧🇲


Flight Info

Origin: L.F. Wade Intl 🇧🇲 ( TXKF )
Destination: Boca Raton 🇺🇸 ( KBCT )
Flight Time: 2:36
Bombardier Challenger 350 ( House Colors )
Server: Expert

Now our BDA take off wasn’t pretty, we tried to take off and ended up tipping a lot to the point that we SCRAPPED the runway and we had to reject it and retry and luckily our 2nd try was successful this was all due to strong winds here the same reason for our bouncy landing here. But these views over Bermuda 🇧🇲 make up for this disastrous take off!

On our final leg we reached the peak of this entire trip at FL440 just 1,000ft below the surface ceiling, I forgot to mention that while on the ground at BDA, Burgers and Fries 🍟🍔 were loaded onto the plane for our “meal” service just a little taste of America 🇺🇸 once again, pretty much blue outside so I decided to get out my laptop and watch some YouTube and scroll on the IFC.

After 2 hours of YouTube videos and like 10 posts seen on the IFC, we started our descent over Freeport, Bahamas 🇧🇸 definitely a sign that we are coming home!

Soon enough, we flew over the Florida coast along state road A1A, the inter coastal waterway, US highway 1 and the Florida East Coast Railroad on our approach into BCT and just like that, Welcome to Boca Raton and the end of this trip to Tenerife! Just like my previous CL35 experience, this was all extremely nice, the crew, the seats, the pilots and the food the only downsides were our landing and take off from BDA but that was really for strong winds which is out of our control but other than that, it was a pretty solid flight experience! 🙌

Now our passport control 🛂 experience was new, we actually did it over the phone and it was simple and quick, once we parked we stayed on the plane while the pilots called the immigration officer and in a quick 5 minutes, we were cleared to enter the USA 🇺🇸 if only it was this easy at Miami Intl Airport, no wait for bags and just like that, we all got into our cars and made our ways home or to the airports to catch a connecting flight back to their homes. I just drive a quick 15 minutes back him home but anyways, thanks for joining me on this trip over to the Canary Islands 🇮🇨 stay tuned for a special IRL treat this Tuesday and a bonus trip for next weekend and as always between now and the next time, see you in the sky! 😉👋


Very nice storytelling. How lucky that you got to fly this whole trip private. I did some Canary Island ops the other day on Ryanair. Very different experience.


Did this actually happen when u were flying this route in the sim or r u just adding to the story. If it did actually happen then I would be so annoyed if I was the one doing this trip it would’ve ruined the private jet experience for me ngl lol

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Thanks! did it 6 times now :) and yes it is interesting flying around here but fun for sure!

Yes, when I was rotating the plane the right wing was so low that the plane “crashed” the rejected take off part is just part of the story.


Nice trip, whens ur next one

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Welcome to the community!

I have an IRL trip planned on Tuesday and my next game report is Friday!

That’s unfortunate. I remember when the CL35 first came out that happened to me loads of times it’s quite a tricky plane

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doesn’t look like other infinite flight shots 🤔

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Light as a feather 🤣

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