To The Admin Team

Hi all hope you are all well.

Quite sometime ago I was avid user of this fantastic simulator. Recently I have come back it and can I say the changes are super! I paid my sub and look forward to getting into the sky. The only problem is that my grade has been reset to grade 1. I have over 7,000 xp I was just wondering if my grade could be put back up?

Kind regards


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Unfortunately When you are inactive, your grade drops. It isn’t raised up. Glad you came back to the sim!


Ah I see… thanks Daniel no problem


If you look at the grade table you can see the factors which determine your grade, it’s a case of work hard for the next grade and get up to grade 5 should you wish to. Good luck!

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I have seen this many times and I have an inquiry now that my subscription to the simulator is about to terminate. Will my grade drop if I do not purchase a subscription for s long time, or is it when you are inactive during the period in which you are in ownership of the susbrciption? If this is true then let’s say I do not buy a subscription for six months, I am currently grade two, would my grade lower towards grade one or will it stay the same?

I know that your grade will drop, due to the inactivity of the 90/30 day requirements. I’m not sure about a long time, but I would image you would keep your xp and flight time and what ever your history is.

If you no longer meet the requirements e.g. a certain number of landings in 90 days then yesit will drop but none of your stats change just possibly your grade