To Switzerland @ KLAX - 030500ZNOV18


Hello all! I will be flying KLAX-LSZH this weekend and decided to make an event out of it! This is a non sponsored event unlike my other events before. This event will be just to fly to Europe together in the Swiss MD11.

Time: 0500Z on the Third (Zulu) or 10pm Pacific time on the second

Server: Expert

NOTAM: Please maintain atleast a 5nm distance between you and the pilot in front of you when in the air!

134: @Daniel14
132: @DiamondGaming4
130: @anon87102400
148: @Rishon_R

I will add more Gates if needed

Hope y’all can Come and join me on this flight in the not used as often as it should be, the Md11


I’ll try to make it, sign me up!

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Your now signed up!

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I will try to make it but may not be able to do the whole flight, sign me up!

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Signed you up also!

Hi would like a gate.

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Event is tomorrow! Sign up now while you can!

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