To Sun With Apu Strobe

From EGLL to EHAM, I have catched apu strobes while i was ascending.

Training Server, daytime but i don’t remember, approximately 02.00Z maybe.


At first I thought you meant Apu from The Simpsons and not the actual APU…

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I especially have mentioned to strobes because it exists in real life and we need them on all aircrafts. And i guess that is so simple feature to be applied on all aircrafts. My dream is A320 with apu strobes and liveries which i have requested. Also B777 deserves realistic strobes. And all aircrafts need to have Apu Strobes. As we can see from picture, apu strobes seem so sweet on aircrafts.

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You also caught the HUD fading away😂


Actually you have all the info, not exactly as the template has it, but I’ll give it to you, also make sure there’s no hud next time, you can almost see it

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